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Dome of Crystal Seers

Dome of Crystal Seers

Dome of Crystal Seers

Type: Support
Faction: Eldar
Cost: 1
Signature/Loyalty: Loyal Icon
Traits: Location.

Interrupt: When you search your deck, search an additional 3 cards.
A chamber of meditation and tranquility, the perfect escape from the clutches of She Who Thirsts.

Set: The Scourge Number: 41 Quantity: 1
Illustrator: Alexandr Elichev
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Jan 06 2015 09:28 AM

Allows you to dig very deep with the Earth Caste Technician or Swordwind Farseer.  Will get better with more search effects.  

To include this card thoughtfully you will need this link:




Note that this card is non-unique, so you can stack the effects. The Eldar toolbox / tutor deck is becoming a real possibility with tis card.


Serious benefits, for a reasonable cost, but not a blind include: something you build a deck around.



Very decent effect that currently works well with Eldar and Tau as the allied faction.


However the card by itself does not generate additional cardadvantage, in fact it will never do.

It does allow you to run less copies of Attachments you want to find currently and it's cost is low enough to make some nice use out of it.


Potentially a card to build around however I do feel it would need a multitude of "diggers" who are also able to Command and Combat well, something that currently is not the case.


3/5 (might grow to 4/5 if we see more Command/Combat potent "diggers").

This is going to make getting that clutch copy of Doom or an Ion Rifle even more reliable. If nothing else it boosts the chances that you'll find the 2-shield card you really need, or that copy of Gift of Isha to combo off of your Banshee Power Sword-equipped Altansar Rangers.

This card will or not work with warp spiders ? My guess is no, because look=/=search. Am I right?

This card will or not work with warp spiders ? My guess is no, because look=/=search. Am I right?

That would be my guess, as other cards say 'search'.