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1st Place Store Champs, Phx AZ - DE/E Command Zerg

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Very nice deck! Only thing I would change are the Helion Gangs in favor of Warlock Destructor, which is plain awesome. Also did you miss the choke potentiall of Murder of Razorwings or the extra command and resource gain from Rogue trader made  up for it?

Feb 24 2015 11:27 PM

I drew an opening hand this tournament that only had a Rogue Trader in it, which I was able to cling to to edge out a victory - that card *would* have been a Murder of Razorwings, which would have denied me a critical extra resource that I needed on the second turn. He also went on to generate at least 2 more res as the game went on from his bonus, as well as the planet he was securing. If that card was instead Razorwings, I would simply have lost with no way to gain a lead. I didn't really miss the choke potential, as the extra command and resource the Rogue Trader gives usually means I've got alot more freedom to do crazy turns like Wildrider + Klaivex ambush to swing meaningful combats. Any time my opponents had a spell or item I would have wanted the Razorwings to pull, I instead had the ability to spend so much more money that I failed to really notice the absence of the Razorwings.


I had initially swapped hellion gangs into destructor as well, but it created inefficiencies as the units do two different things - Hellions can be used in this deck as a cheap tanky body in combat but are typically deployed as a snipe-proof command unit to grab an extra planet. Destructors are really bad at this as they cost 1 resource/turn, and this deck is already spending alot of resources between keeping a lock on the Sslyth Mercs and ambushing down the Klaivex Warleaders. If I'm not able to stack a planet early to take it, rather than force the issue with a Destructor, I simply move down the line and keep my resource/card advantage spinning for another turn while denying critical battle abilities my enemies trigger by using Foretell.

Having played against this deck many times with my tournament SM deck I can say that the rogue traders are way better in the long run because he can actually chock better with the Rogue than with the razor wings since the Rogue has a hammer and can contest a planet for command. I agree with Mike on the destructor vs the hellion gang. I might consider changing out the mercs for the destructor but those mercs are damn annoying when played at the end of his deployment with little opportunity to steal them before command phase.

Very nicely tuned deck. I particularly like the 2* Klaivex, 2* Wildriders, 3* Sslyth *2 twisted labs and omission of Murderwing Birds in favor of Rogue Traders, seems like the perfect balance! Only things I dislike are the lack of Destructors, as mentioned above- and I'm really not seeing the virtue in playing Doom nowadays, when it's worth playing it, sure it's great, but more often than not it sits in your hand for a long time and ends up as a shield eventually as well as being a terrible 1st hand draw.

On the other hand the only valid replacement for it in your deck would be Promotions but with them being limited they can sometimes lead to awkward turns when you want to use Raid aswell. I guess when more cards are released Doom will slowly get rotated out of  decks as  most successful lists emphasize strongly on early command presence and snowballing from there on.

All in all, if you're planning to attend a tournament as DE/E this list is probably your best bet. Thanks for sharing.