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A Friend Who's Dressed in Leather


Cool deck. Though not sure if Urien is even known for his strong command game. You'd probably have a hard time at mid-game due to lack of resources to play out your elites/klaivex or even getting soul seizure out. STC would still be a good addition here.


Big fan of the Baleful Hypex combo but when it comes to effects of how easy it is to deal two damage when you want to Baleful comes kinda heavy on the hand. Plus if you didnt draw into hypex baleful is hard to drop. I'd suggest removing the costier cards.

Dec 10 2016 09:48 PM
Indeed, it's definitely an "all or nothing" deck but when it works it REALLY shuts things down (Plannum is a big help here). I agree that Urien's command game isn't great - hence all three Promotions to guarantee the Soul Grinders do their thing - but in the few games I've played the Mandrakes actually haven't been needed. Sure they're a threat, and can do some serious damage, but I'd rather my opponent targeted them than the Fiends or Grinders doing the heavy lifting. Plus I'm never short on shields! Would love to add STC Fragments but this is a real life deck and I don't have any spare. Thanks for commenting though, I'm still seeing if I can make something out of this.
Dec 11 2016 05:26 AM

You can add more 2 command icon units like Chaos Fanatics to help your command game but like cieje said Urien isn't know for his command game but more for disrupting your opponent's game.  But since you have a theme going on you can add the Fanatics and maybe STC or Promises of Glory to help bring out your elites faster.  

Dec 13 2016 10:01 AM
Yeah I think the Fanatics are definitely a better choice than Sslyth, it's not like I ever have the spare resources to buy them back. I'm going to avoid Promise of Glory though, as it would have to replace a Torture event (so no Hypex trigger). Plus Urien has to pay for it which reduces its economy.