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Aug 22 2016 10:45 PM
Looks great! All the classics and lots of modern stuff too. Marker Drone is great against elites and with the Enforcer so great call there too. I think the new Sniper Drone Team is better in the 4-cost slot. Wins command, is more threatening in many ways, especially with attachments and has more board presence, which Aunshi lacks.
I dont know which units to remove for sniper...also i dont know if is it better to put back 2 deception and remove even the odds
Aug 26 2016 11:07 PM
Probably the lose Recruits and/or Trailblazer here, your command game is pretty strong and Aun'shi will always be a threat. I'd agree on adding the Sniper team, if only because it gives you two opportunities to strike before the warlord (who might then have to leave). Perhaps even try trading in some of the events for a Slumbering Gardens or two? Excellent for preventing your Ethereal units from leaving as well as countering Archon's Terror and the like.
Aug 27 2016 06:26 AM

I'd straight swap the Prelates for Sniper Drone. Prelate is cool but carrying 4 resources through the combat phase can be restrictive and a smart opponent  can play round them pretty well. The Ethereal synerygy is nice but you almost always want to use your Orbital Cities for Aun-shi anyway, and you aren't running Fire Warrior Grenadiers so I'd say the Prelates could go? The Sniper Drone just does so much extra: wins command, holds down a planet with 5hp and can wreck whole army with Gun Drones. Plus you only need 1 Ethereal Wisdom on it (or Honor Balde out) and, on your initiative, you can bloody any 6-hp Warlord before they can run away!

Deception is great too- maybe -1 Even the Odds, -1 Tactical Withdrawl.

How have you found Tactical Withdrawl btw? Is it strong?

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tactical withdrawl is nice with viorla + ion rifle at first planet or place them in the middle of the planets to move him where the opponent warlord is but you need to move your warlord on that planet....its difficult by the way to do that but it is another way for warlord assassination...

I have a  similar deck.  for your considerations.

repair bay is a nice card when you have lots of drones.  being able to put a marker drone on top of your deck before command mean you know you'll have a 2 shield for the next fight.  

I like extermanatus in this, because I find sometimes an opponent can stack a planent and 'Sushi and his friends don't always have the staying power to win against that.

I also like homing becons


please leave a future comment on how tac withdraw serves you with this warlord.

It is stupid that always i wait for approval on my comments...
If moderators approve my post you will see how i found tactical withdrawl