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Bad Moons Brutal Warband


Jun 08 2015 05:59 PM
The deck it really interesting to play. It has a slight control aspect to it but also just get a but crazy with the amount of damage it can deal. I opted for rokkits and GBC cuz the units stick around for longer sosthe units typically get to use their attachments once or twice and it increased the shield count. Let me know if you have any questions.

The problem with throwing in too much Ork attachments fer now is not a good idea against an Eldar/DE/AM players with their strong command presense, choking off your resources and cards while using Route/Klaivex/Exhaust effects that denies your low number (and rather expensive) units with attachments.


I think the cost curve is a bit high on your deck as well, and you dont have enough command hammer units to capture planets. You might mulligan and get a hand full of 3-5 costed units which isn't good in the opening stages...yes, you can use Bigga iz Betta, but a simple Archon's Terror, Klaivex, Sicarius Fury can already make you waste two cards while choking you off further with their discard shenanigans. 


Deploying a big unit in early stages also mean you dont have enough units to cap other planets, and not enough resource to play Battle Cry which will snowball and hurt your economy while building up theirs. You don't have enough combat tricks as well (e.g : Suppresive Fire / Squiggify / Warpstorm), which makes a smart opponent telegraph what you have on the board. That is why DE/E/SM is the top tier as of know, they have enough combat tricks to take down a big unit, and yet have cheap units to capture planets at the same time.


Nazdreg with no KFG just makes him a big target. Warlord Groupies and attack boosters such as Crushing blows and Catachans will make Nazdreg an unhappy camper.  


I guess in a casual play its fine, but this deck will not go far in a competitive setting. :/

Jun 18 2015 02:28 PM
Yeah, that is why I listed it as experimental and not TQ. Thank for your comments!