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Baharoff Ion


Overall nicely balanced, good event base, low cost curve. Very heavy on command, but are there enough punchy units (that can actually take a hit in return)?

I'd be tempted to drop Trailblazers for something more punchy as a result - Bor'kan Recruits, Corsairs, or maybe Altansar Rangers if you don't want to depend on warlord presence too much. I think your curve is sufficiently low you can afford to do this.
Nov 22 2015 10:37 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I had the exact same thought about the recruits.

Recently I started to dislike wraithguards, as they're too fragile. 

Of course, Eldorath is better here, as he has 4 councils, but even here I'd think about swapping them with Corsairs, for example. 

Also, for both nullify and anti-Archon Terror purposes I still include Spiritseer Erathal.

Nov 23 2015 02:51 PM
Yeah. It is all about trade offs, isn't it? If I drop the Wraithguards then I should drop the ECT since it runs out of things to look for pretty quickly.
I like the Wraithguard in there.

Yes, they are vulnerable, but an opponent taking them down also has to factor in Gift of Isha. On a turn where you have initiative this combo takes out most (non Indomitable) warlords.

And with a Tau alliance, they provide another target for ECT.

Personally I do run 1 x Erathal also, for exactly xRAVEx's reasons. On very rare occasions I even get to use his ability!