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Baharroth Drone / Spirit (1st Place SC Vienna)

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Mar 05 2016 07:40 PM
Congratulations! Those are all respectable wins.
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Congrats! I've wanted to do this build for a long time. Thanks for taking some time and showing people that you can win with unconventional decks too! Love it!


You might consider dropping 1x Empower and 1x Foretell for 2x Saim Hann Jetbike. Or maybe +1 Doom and +1 Promotion. I really think you need 2x Doom these days with all the Worr running around. Also, I find that unless I have 4-5 Eldar units at a planet Empower doesn't often feel like a great value (If you only have 3 units you're only getting 3/3 of stats for 3 resources which is just average). I think Empower really has a home in a 2 cost or lower swarmy Eldar build which we really haven't seem them be able to do yet. If anywhere I have a feeling it will be much better out of Talyesin.


Lastly I might also drop 1xWildrider and 1xWraithguard or something to add some of the low end back to the build. I think you really want 3x Void Pirates to help you draw into your combos faster. Like maybe +1 ECT +1 Void Pirate.

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Thank you =) It's exactly what I am mainly doing in LCGs these days... taking "Underdog" decks and try to make them competitive. I guess I just like to swim against the tide.


Regarding Saim-Hann Jetbike: Deadly Salvage wasn't eligible for the tournament, so that's the main reason I didn't play it ;-) Obviously it's then competing highly with Empower, but with it's two shields so far I had to take one, sometimes even two. But I also have to add that I think that Empower is somewhat underrated. Even while Baharroth is everything but swarming, after a number of planets and outcommanding the opponent for a while, he can also end in some bigger endfight standoff, and the Empower really can make the difference. It actually helped me win one of those games. But yeah, now with the Jetbikes it's hard to still find a place for it.


Personally I am not a big fan of doom, it almost never helped me to really come back. Autarch with Area Effect (+ Gift of Isha) on the other hand, was what was winning me the game against Worr.


With 1 ECT +1 Void Pirate you might be right, in the end it's just a matter of running out of space and I prioritized some other cards over them. For me Baharroth is one of the few decks where 3 Promotions, Voide Pirates and Rogue Traders are not necessarily auto-includes, as command and draw is seldomly a problem. But of course you are right that you can never have your combos early enough.

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what about Death from Above ? 

what about Death from Above ? 

I was once running a Baharroth Deck that was really focused on Mobile... well it worked far less than this deck. In this version of the deck (and also in future versions with the Jetbikes) you have a lot of mobility, but you don't have actual "Mobile" keywords. Only the Hawks and Trailblazer would be targets in my deck, and the Hawks usually I don't want at the last planet, while the Trailblazers are simply too cheap, you would save only one Ressource. In my opinion we still have to see really strong Mobile units. Now the Wildrider Vyper that was spoiled would be such a card, but it's Elite, so again not eligible! It's a pitty, really.