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baharroth tau


Feb 09 2016 04:44 AM

Looking at this deck, I see almost no way you can actually pay for all of the units you're running. It looks like you'll be playing 2 units turn one in almost every case, which gives you at best 2 planets of command, and even that's unlikely because 2 resources for 2 command is very common in Eldar, DE, and AM right now. You're also running cards like Seer's Exodus and Craftworld Gate which make your units even less effective, and in the case of Craftworld, make you have to pay for them a second time. On top of that, you're missing one of the best cards Eldar has to offer with Mind War, and not making use of Warlock Destructors, which is an insanely good 2 drop for taking the first planet or fighting in an off planet.

And sadly vectored viper squad don't work with death from above. They only have mobile on the table (un damaged) and don't have mobile while in your hand. That was a crime and no way should they cost 4!