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Baharroth's Choir


A different version of my Baharroth's Cunning Deck , not reyling on Elites too much, more of a hybrid deck.

Taking advantage of the Bonesinger Choir only, while still maintaining regular Command options.

Looks cool, I like it :-)

Latest changes:


I fell in love with Saim Han Jetbike again.

- it helps Survivalists survive

- it helps pinging command cappers , and also participate in a fight

- it gives another action speed movement for Vyper

- It strengthens Baharroths Hawks


Another Include to strengthen the Hawks (and also originally the Exarch ) I included Ion rifles.

: -2 Promotion -> +2 Jetbikes

: -2 Foretell -> +2 Ion Rifle


I missed the Fire Prism from last iteration and so it got back

: -1 Mighty Wraithknight -> +1 Fire Prism


I really like the Hunters ploy by now.

It is often possible to destroy opposing Elite Units with my own Elite Units (save Helldrake and the like).

The economic advantage is much better than Bonesinger Choir, so I reduced this to one.


: -1 Bonesinger Choir -> +2 Hunters ploy



Also Backlash was missing, so I added 2 of them going to 52 cards by now :/

: -1 Doom -> +2 Backlash


Candidates for change:

- Herald of Tau'Va (though I really like it)

+ Shrieking Exarch (running a one off would be nice I think)

Is the herald only there for the fire prism? With 52 cards 1offs are less likely to be drawn, is this ok for the deck? How has this iteration been working for you?

The Herald is actually the most controversial slot.

I really like him 2 times, but ran out of space.

He works with all Elites that are non mobile, like

Fire Prism, Wraithknight (  3 cards )

That is also the main reason why he is just a one-off, because

the targets have somewhat been reduced.

Shrieking Exarch is currently back in due to awesomeness.

This iteration has been working the best so far, but I'm constantly changing.

Latest idea is to also have a unique unit besides Baharroth, and have some Drones

for ETC to fetch.

Currently exchanging some Attachments for those (not ideal).