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Baharroth's Cunning

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Currently considering to add one Deathly Web Shrine. Would come in handy.

Also Fortell would be nice. But Tense gives more control .

Sep 21 2016 04:58 PM
I'd be careful with the Deathly Web Shrine as it can often be a dead draw with all the Elites around nowadays. I'd definitely recommend a third Starcannon though as they're incredibly threatening on Vypers and Wraithknights with mobile. Also I'd be interested to know how the Phoenix does for you - I dropped them in my Baharroth deck as there were just never enough targets (compared with using Eldorath) and the flying became a moot point due to its low attack/command.

Yea, it might not be worthwhile. Starcannon is pretty amazing, and it would be an easy include.

The Phoenix is pretty useful as it is the best target that can take a DDS . It has flying , so it can hurt a helldrake, and is very durable. 

Just the other night it dealt 3 dmg to an incoming exhausted Terminator and sealed its death. Pretty valuable and the dmg gets around

flying too. I like it. Maybe Missile Pod would help too

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Recent changes:
-2 Exarch      (not that reliable here)
-2 Phonix Fighter  ( I like the unit, but want to focus more on the real game changers like Wraithknight )

+1 Mighty Wraithknight   ( this can turn or win games single handedly, best used with dds )

+1 Wildrider Vyper          ( i like this in the opening hand , to put at planet 3 for maximum range )

+1 Herald of Tau'va         ( Mobility to the other elites is just great, also reduces the cost curve a little )


Doom or 3rd Backlash    ( tough choice, for now I added a 3rd Backlash )

-1 Herald  ( I dropped the count of elites to 8, and only 5 of them don't have mobile already )

+1 Fire Prism  ( Going back up to 9 Elites. This could also be a Squadron instead. )

Small changes, back to Shrieking Exarch, because it is just damn good. ;-)

Dec 07 2016 01:53 PM
Considering you've gone back to Exarchs rather than more vehicles, maybe an Ion Rifle or two could be worth a try? It's another target for the Earth Caste Technician and definitely goes a long way toward making the Hawks more threatening. Also do you find the three STC Fragments overkill? I just stick with the Choirs in my Baharroth deck and with amount of mobile command rarely (if ever) need further cost reduction.
I'm currently playing a build without stc and not concentrating on Elites too much. Seems to work well so far. But it's a different deck I guess. I don't see space for rifles here yet