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Can't Touch This


Missing Gift of Isha and Nullify here

Aug 13 2016 09:53 AM
Well, the problem is that most of my copies of those are in other Eldar decks! Also, I really don't believe that either are strictly necessary for an Eldar deck: simply the THREAT of the Gift in hand (combined with a cheeky grin when something big does without shielding it) against people who don't know the deck will mess with their heads. As for Nullify I'd rather be using Baharroth, my only unique unit, for Tense Negotiations. A cunning opponent WILL have a back-up plan to ensure that if one thing fails it's not the end, and I've found that generally the large and mobile nature of the majority of my important units keeps them safe for long enough to retreat. Plus I do like to buck the trend...
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don't know how you pay for this deck lol

Aug 29 2016 02:47 PM
Three Choirs and being dedicated to resource command wins above planets for first turn if necessary. Y'varn becomes a go-to unless I'm playing Chaos - thanks to the Webway Portal they can easily be exchanged for cheaper units to be sure they arrive ready for combat. Also the Wildrider Squadrons will probably be swapped for either then Tau groupie or some Survivalists, this is not only because of the resource/card draw they bring but also to make up for the loss of Death From Above, which made the Hawks viable as a unit (otherwise their cost is rather prohibitive). I'd add that part of this deck's tactics involves playing boldly, and sometimes that just doesn't pay off!
I think you should focus on one deck and make that great, instead of the many you or up in a row.
This deck is way too expensive. Only 6 units cost 2 or less. Not even biel-tan guardian?
Instead of the many you put up in a row*
Sep 06 2016 10:54 AM
Ah, but I do actually play all of these in real life! The fact that they all come up in a row is because when a new pack is released I update all my decks at once. Sorry to flood the board by otherwise I forget - and if the current build isn't up then I don't get the full benefit of everyone's excellent advice. As the for expenses problem, I'm going to fall back on the flimsy excuse of "the new elite meta has screwed me over". You see I used to be able to play this as a relatively competitive deck, with the relatively low power of my units offset by the fact that I could have them wherever I needed them, and often at a discounted price thanks to Death From Above. Slowly, however, I had to phase in bigger units to deal with the sheer punching power emerging in the games I was playing. First it was the Vypers, who were great and often pretty much controlled the board when sat in the middle with a Starcannon. Then I had to kick out Piranhas (which I really liked having around for reliable card draw/DDS target) for Fire Pisms just for the chance to exhaust key units. As I say in the description this used to have none of the signature Eldar events because frankly, I didn't need them! What I've ended up with is something that's still trying to be my super- Mobile Saim-Hann style list crammed full of clunky, expensive things that I don't really enjoy using even when I win. I think that you're all right though so if you can face seeing yet another update I'll alter things following my next Black Crusade game. Ps about the Guardians specifically, I don't run those because I used to get the same 2 command on a mobile unit for the same price with DFA, which was not only more survivable but also synergised with the attachments I ran. I'm noticing a pattern involving that event here...