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Mar 30 2015 11:00 AM

I believe that AM is better right now. For some reason I can't post decks here, so here is a quick link to where I am at the moment:




Edit: Apparently I can't even post links that work....so here it is in good-ol .txt


Total Cards: (50)

1x Captain Cato Sicarius (Core Set)

Army Unit: (32)
4x Sicarius’s Chosen (Core Set)
3x Blood Angels Veterans (Core Set)
1x Daring Assault Squad (Core Set)
3x Eager Recruit (Core Set)
3x Honored Librarian (Core Set)
3x Iron Guard Recruits (The Scourge)
2x Ratling Deadeye (Core Set)
3x Tactical Squad Cardinis (Core Set)
3x Tallarn Raiders (Zogwort's Curse)
1x Veteran Brother Maxos (Core Set)
3x Void Pirate (Core Set)
3x White Scars Bikers (Gift of the Ethereals)

Attachment: (4)
1x Tallassarian Tempest Blade (Core Set)
1x Iron Halo (Core Set)
2x Promotion (Core Set)

Event: (11)
2x The Fury of Sicarius (Core Set)
3x Crushing Blow (Gift of the Ethereals)
3x Drop Pod Assault (Core Set)
3x Indomitable (Core Set)

Support: (3)
1x Cato’s Stronghold (Core Set)
2x Catachan Outpost (Core Set)

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Very interesting, You prefer to have only 1 2 Hammer Units instead of 2? 

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Mar 30 2015 11:56 AM

Psyker was good, but I went without him for the last games. Didn't miss him, although he is good with Catachan Outpost obviously. He can probably go back in but let's try a bit without him.


Edit: Oh by the way....I am THAT close to add 2 Land Raiders in this. After all, I am a Crab at heart.

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Haha, that i understand:) Land Raiders was an awesome unit in core only environment. It could make a comeback. I will also test the two new space marine units (the imperial fist unit and the salamander terminator) from the 5th pack. The first seems to be good on paper, but maybe I overestimate the number of ally units... the second could be awesome against token army decks. And to getting dmg for attacking me is quite in the style of the crabs. 

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Mar 30 2015 12:17 PM

I have no idea what those units are. I'll look them up. I will be playing some games with this, hopefully this week and let you know how it goes.

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They are new units from the 5th pack. YOu can find the spoilers here: http://www.40kconque...a-exterior.html

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Mar 30 2015 01:40 PM

Thanks. I will take a look.


Edit: I like the 2/2 that damages the attackers. The big guys just seem too big.

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The 2/2 sends ally units home? And I agree, the big guy is too costy. The landraider is the better option on that spot. 

Mar 31 2015 09:07 AM

If I remember correctly (can't see it right now, due to network access issues at work....damn Greeks and their admins), it reads:


Whenever this is declared as the defender, deal 1 damage to the attacker. And it's a 2/2 for 2.


Unless I got it completely wrong.


P.S: By the way the deck I linked to you is up on the 'decks' section.

You have got that wrong, its a 5 cost unit that does that (Salamander Terminator).

The 2 cost unit routs an ally.
Mar 31 2015 11:45 AM

Ok, thanks. In that case, I'd probably stick to the 2/2 unit again. The terminator seems quite bad for 5.

Tests results were not good. Lost against the eldar vehicles build with star cannon and gift of isha. But i will modify the deck and contiue testing
Tests results were not good. Lost against the eldar vehicles build with star cannon and gift of isha. But i will modify the deck and contiue testing
Apr 01 2015 06:48 AM

Would it be better with Ragnar? Or is it a weak matchup for SM/AM in general?

I think it is a weak matchup in general. I can not do anything against a 3/6 unit with flying that comes back with ishas gift and discards my hand... In combination with the star cannon this is very effective. In addition, eldar cancel actions help to destroy any fury of S. or drop pod plans...

Apr 01 2015 08:35 AM

Have you tried Suppressive Fire? Probably good when you target unique Eldar units, making the cancel much more costly. Probably makes sense with Tallarn Raiders and a small tweak to include more small units (keep it SM though)

Yep, i tested it. It is good. But it was not enough. Eldar are dominating the command struggle and canceling the important events. But the real problem is gift of isha in combination with the wailing wraithfigher...

Apr 01 2015 10:13 AM

Yes, I realised that when you mentioned the discard. I'd insist that Suppressive fire is a good answer regardless of them cancelling it or not. Should be easier for Fury to nail it afterwards. And they do need to have it in hand and someone to 'bow' in order to cancel the event.

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True, maybe it was just bad luck in 3 games. Fury nails it the first time, but the fighter normally comes back with a gift of isha (which should have a restriction concerning the costs of the unit it can bring back). 

Apr 01 2015 11:30 AM

The other thing I can suggest is making sure that the Wraithfighter is not the topmost Eldar unit in the discard pile. :)

Yea that is a good idea:) however without any possiblity to rout that thing (other than moving him with the command squad) he will be the unit that comes back after I used all my resources to kill him:)