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Cato's Finest Command


Looks solid (it is cato). My deck is just a little different:

-2 Siege Force
-3 ion rifles
-1 storm bolter

+1 Librarian
+3 eager recruit
+1 earth cast

And I run Crushing blows instead of primal Howl. But I can see the reason for people to not include CB's as the opponent usually plays around it no matter what. :-)

I like eager recruits more than ion rifles but is just preference. Do you have a strategy with the imperial fist siege force? I've found the unit a bit underwhelming.

This should be taken with a grain of salt as I am not that experienced with Cato. (Have won most games though).
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Haven't had a chance to test this build yet.


I like have all the shields and the ion rifles are for a splash of warlord assassination. I'd put in more Honored Librarians, but I feel like with the amount of direct damage and area affect they seem just a little week. I am conserned with the amount of 3 drops, but it does make droppod pretty good. I'd also like to get ranged in the deck as well. I may go back to using Tense Negotians as well.

So many options. You can run more than the "normal" amount of 3 cost units because of cato the resource king. Tense Negotiations can be really strong but what do you cut? There is alot of good cards in cato/Tau, it's hard to cut cards.
My advice would be

-2 Siege Force
-1 Storm Bolter

+1 Earth Caste Technician
+1 Honoured Librarian
+1 Crushing Blow
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I was looking at the firedrakes.

A cheeky copy is certainly not a bad shout - if you do include some then Bikers probably have to go.

Personally if you do go for a heavy coster my preference is the Predator, as that does have the potential to win you the game in 1 go.
I use to run the tank, but took it out when I saw no body else was running it.

I use to run the tank, but took it out when I saw no body else was running it.

You should run cards that make your deck strategy work. And shouldn't care if other people run them or not. ;-)
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