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Celestial Hero


Seems light on units. How has this worked out for you?

True, there is not exactly an abundance of units here, and as such it can be a matter of getting the key units (combat centric units) early on.The MVP are the Sniper Drone Teams and you use the ECTs to dig for these mostly.


To answer your question - rather well. I definitely prefer to play this setup as the ultimate warlord assassination deck.

An Ion Rifled-up Sniper Drone Team is pretty standard. Add Ethereal Wisdom + Kauyon Strike = usually bloodied or assassinated warlord, that sort of thing. If you manage to bloody the opponent's warlord early on, you usually, inexorably, win by assassination in my experience.


But the setup is not set in stone. A more straight up win-by-grind approach is certainly possible with this setup too, and if you find yourself drawing too few units I suggest swapping Even the Odds for three combat units :)