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Consume Thy Enemies

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Interesting deck junglecat :) Looking at your list, I'd probably drop the Adamant Hive Guard to increase the Strangler Broods to 3x, as the Hive Guard seems a little on the expensive side to me. However, "The Swarmlord" is one of only two warlords I have never played with myself during my three years of playing Conquest, so I'm not sure my advice is any good..

Otherwise, you may want to drop 1x Consumption for the extra 1x Strangler Brood.


Out of curiosity - how do the 3x Spawn Termagants work out for you in your games? I've always wondered about this card: it seems to me that putting one Termagant token on each of the five planets is a double edged sword seeing as you can only ever have 10x Termagant tokens at most in play. Then again, I've never actually tried this card either :)

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I'll look into dropping either the Hive Guard or Consumption to increase the strangler brood. My son played both against me to good effect in our game though so tough choice.

Spawn Termagants seemed pretty effective from my side of the table. Helped make Clogged with Corpses easy to play against me and still leave plenty of Termagants left after. Although there were all 10 in play at end game so whether that's good or bad ... I'm no expert. I AM glad however that my boy didn't have the Burrowing Trygon in his hand late game.

Thanks for your input. I'm actually planning on trying out a modified version of your Mavros Vehicle setup before the snow falls hopefully. I'll see if it helps me snap my losing streak.

Yeah Consumption is certainly a great card and I play it to great effect in my Omega setup too. However, three copies seems a little excessive to me, as I normally reserved 3x for cards with an integral (and indeed indispensable) function in the deck, but it is a matter of playstyle I suppose.

And the Hive Guard is probably more useful than it looks, despite its rather steep price-tag.


I've been considering a Swarmlord build for a long time, but I never actually build it because it seemed inferior to most other factions and warlords; I too would opt for the Gravid Tervigon and burst forth. The real challenge with this warlord seems to be to strike the exact right balance between means of token generation and means of infestation, just like the key to Omega is to strike a good balance between having infestation-yielding cards while not having infestation taking up too many card slots.


Thank you for posting! I think I'll build a Swarmlord deck soon and gain some more insight on how it actually works in practice :)   

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