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Da boyz hurtz k


Seems like you don't have enough boyz to fight or to cap planets! 


And the lack of command hammers is sure dangerous...

The deck theory can definitely work, I lost to a similar deck yesterday with my Baharroth.

Why Nazdreg rather than Zogwort? The latter gives you someone who can take planets early game on his own, thus getting around the relatively low number of units in the deck.

Also I'd say Warpstorm is better than Nurgling Bomb (unless Shadowsun is very popular) and try to get Plaguebearers into the deck.

I haven't tested it yet, so I didn't see those problems.

I removed both Fields, 1 cacophony, and 1 BattleCry, and added 1 Snakebite and 3 Bikerz.

I didn't use the warpstorm because I think it hurts you too much. The idea is that you will be eroding the enemy armies, and you will hurt yours so they get the Brutal buff. Warpstorm can outright kill your units, as most of them have 3 health or so. Nurgling bomb allows you to hurt the units on your side that you want to hurt, and force the enemy to either get hurt, or just flee, giving you an easy planet (though they will usually just take the damage).

I used Nazdreg because you are hurting your units as well as the enemy, so the Brutal buff will help you out. Also, I kind of like his signature cards more than Zog ones.

I probably should fit more units into the deck, but I don't know where to cut: the idea is to deal tons of damage everywhere everytime, so cutting more on the daka-cacophony department is bad. Cutting cannons could be a possibility, though less than 2 doesn't feel right. On the command department, I'm not that worried: your combat units can be deployed on lonely planets, as they can either teleport, or be "disposable" (though I'll need to test if 28 units is enough to consider them "disposable"). Also, remember that everyone, everywhere, is getting damaged. This means that void pirates, rogue traders, recon drones, incubi, and other pestering command units will be dying. This is in fact the idea, and why I only get 3 doks and 3 weird boyz as "command" units (the weird boyz are for both capp and hit, but you know what I mean).

Also, initially i had the goff nob, but I switched it out for the battlewagon. I think it's better, but I haven't tried out any of them, so I cannot actually tell. What do you think?

I would advise

Choir back to 3 copies.
Remove Smash'n'bash
Remove Heap
Add 2 Chaos Fanatics

And I would stick with switching Bomb for Warpstorm, there are plenty of scenarios where it is flat out better. Hurting your stuff is relatively minor if he outnumbers you hugely, especially if your stuff is an Enraged Ork.

I agree that the Battlewagon is better than the Nob, and Kannons are good for the deck, keep them.

I like that version better. I don't like reducing choirs, and heap was there only because I felt it had to. Also, 2 fanatics will not disrupt much the deck, and allow me to use da boyz more offensive.

And uhm yeah, maybe warpstorm is a good idea, I'll try it.

I'm looking for this weekend to get the cards and test this.