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Dark Eldar Deckbleeder


Dec 16 2014 04:56 PM

This is my first shot at a build. I haven't even tested it. I think I'll be trying it out tomorrow night, though. 

I used to love having 60+ card decks until I realized the probability and math with maintaining a maximum of 50 cards . There are some good choices here but I feel it needs a bit of fine tuning . These are just pointers but I have 30 games played with my DE / Eldar deck so I'll share some ideas:

- with 61 cards you diminish your probability of getting cards that synchronize . 

- rethink No Mercy . You have only 3 unique cards to utilize them ( warlord and 2x Syren )

- Promethium Mine used to be a favourite of mine but with 61 cards the chances of getting any use out of them before the game ends is low . (plus read some other player's thoughts on this card)

-personally i would drop Warp Spiders and Hellions and Kabalite strike force

- max out Mandrakes

- I would hold out on Visions / Uber until the 'Torture' synergy is a bit stronger for DE .

-Max out Archons Terror ( a must ) and with the Colliseum girls you could see the Archon terror repeat a number of times during your game .( one of my favorite combos)

-Eldar Survivalists are a must ( and you have 3 ,nice ) but consider a couple Rogue traders/ pirates too !


Good start , but I think you should try and trim it to 50 cards that really complement eachother !


Good luck

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As suggested, trim it down to up consistancy.

Given that the game can last a minimum of 3 turns ( 2 if a warlord is killed but this is highly improbable in 2 turns ) up to the full 7 you will only get 2 cards / 4 resource per turn during HQ phase. So by turn 3 you've only drawn 13 cards ( 6 plus your starting 7) and 19 resource ( 12 plus your starting 7 ) . To win the resource bonuses you need the command wins and then hopefully have survivalists ,traders and pirates stationed at planets to gain these bonuses . Unfortunately having 61 cards you will find it tougher to draw to these valuable assets .


And remember the four ways to win/lose this game ....


1. Deck Depletion . rare but can happen . will become a concern with more expansions and warpacks where forced hand discard are more common. Draw your last card from your deck and you lose . (i think here is the only benefit to having a fatter deck tbh)

2. Warlord Death . 'nuff said .

3. winning the three victory types ( red , blue , green ) .

4. If noone has taken three of the victory types by the 7th planet , then whoever battles and wins the 7th planet wins the game . I suppose this would happen should some of the first planets not be contested , meaning they are removed between game rounds. Haven't seen this happen but i suppose its quite possible .

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