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Dark Eldar Rush

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Huh, I actually wanted to put difficulty ratings in the description to help newer players but got distracted before submitting. Addenda ftw I guess:

Difficulty: 9/10

- Lots of different triggered abilities to keep track off

- Intricate deploy sequencing

- Match-up and card pool knowledge required

One potential weakness I perceive in this deck is its lack of 2-shield cards. I recently played against someone where it became obvious they were using this build, and was able to win by exploiting their lack of shields. When I run DE/Chaos, I tend to include Raid and Suffering, in large part for their shields (though the effects are good). Do you think that might fit in here as well?

Sep 19 2014 06:31 PM

Jeermaster, how has your testing been for this deck? 

@BuzzsawMF: I've been very pleased with the results so far. Opening hand power level variance appears to be low, i.e. you usually have relevant plays on turn 1, and the deck is very good at avoiding early commitment during the first deploy phase. Those two factors combined usually allow you to gain an early edge over your opponent.


@Kingsley: Yeah, having no 2 shield cards kinda sucks at times, but Raid and Suffering haven't been all that impressive in my games either. I guess you could replace one or both Altars of Torment with Raids and see if that helps. Suffering on the other hand just overlaps too much with what Archon's Terror is already providing and doesn't help against AoE units. Well, I'm gonna give Raid another whirl and see how that goes.