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Dark Eldar Vehicles

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Be aware, Death From Above isn't a vehicle offsetter, rather it targets non-Elite Mobile Units. In your deck, that means the Soaring Falcons and Vile Raiders.


The question we have to ask then, is what does that card do for you, and more importantly, what do the other big vehicles do for you?


As to being strong in command, you have 32 command icons plus 6 more for Promotion, which is spread across high cost units. Thats not a command-strong deck.

To take a counter example, the Eldar/Tau deck I run has 44 command icons but doesn't use Promotion, but exactly like your deck 32/50 cards cost 2 or less. This isn't a deck lacking for firepower either, as it runs 9 cards with 3+ attack, compared to your three. I don't carry the Superiorities or the Archon's Terrors, however. That was built as a front-loaded Eldar deck, designed to break the idea that you have to play a long control game.

As a better point of comparison, my DE deck (my current tourney one) has 41 command icons plus 6 more for 3 Promotions, and has 37/50 cards that cost 2 or less, 10 that cost 3, and 3 that cost 4 (hello Klaivex!). In practice, I find it reliably wins command AND applies choke, and has enough firepower to hold its own in combat against most decks. That, to me, is my current one and only T1 deck, and at the risk of sounding arrogant, you're not going to be dominating the command phase with a deck like yours against a deck like that.


Its a fine experiment to run high cost vehicles, and its something I appreciate doing myself: my Chaos deck runs two Heldrakes, and my Eldar deck 1 Wraithfighter.


However, I'd say that if you want to run the low/high game, where you have low cost units for command and high cost ones for battle winning, then a compromise is needed in losing some other elements, such as the mid cost units.


Try the deck out, but I think what you've done is open with a strong concept, then dilute it by putting in cards that you feel you have to include, then tried to recover the economy curve with compromise choices. This likely has left the deck weaker overall. "Vehicles" is a theme, but its not a gameplay advantage of any sort, as you've got nothing in the deck that interacts with that trait. That in mind, why pursue that theme at all?

I haven't had a chance to actually test the deck yet (I should today), but I can give you some of the thoughts behind my card choices.


I am aware that Death From Above only works with Mobile units.  I was unsure on whether to include it or not.  I finally decided to include it in the first version of this deck since earlier versions tend to be a bit more experimental so I don't mind running cards that I haven't tried/aren't sure of their value.  My thinking on the card is it would help even out the cost curve a bit whenever I wanted to play Soaring Falcon/Vile Raiders and even if I didn't use it for that it would still act as a shield.


I don't expect this deck, at least with the current card pool, to really reach the status of a T1 deck.  The only decks I run that I feel are T1 is a DE deck that sounds very similar to yours and my "Tau Strikes First" deck.  The original intention of this deck came from playing Ku'gath.  With that deck, I noticed the value of running resilient, but not has high damaging units over running high attack, but low HP.  I decided to see if I could take that same concept and apply it to my main faction, DE (I know, not the idea choice for such a concept).  It just so happens that those type of units tend to be vehicles, so I wasn't necessarily targeting vehicles perse, but the deck ended up including all of them.


So, this deck is pretty experimental at the moment and will go through a lot of revision as I find what works/doesn't work and change it.  For example, my Tau Strike First deck is on Version 5 after all.  This one will probably see similar numbers, unless I decide that the theme it isn't worth the effort.

Very cool deck, looking very forward to your experiences. Let us know how it went.


All in all I can only hope for more Mobile units to make DfA even better.