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Deep Strike Marines

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Wow, 69 cards! Have you playtested it like it is here?

Yes. I build almost all of my decks for every card game at 69 cards. As long as you keep the ratios roughly the the same, it usually works out just fine. I mean you wouldn't just wanna throw 19 extra creatures into a magic the gathering deck, you have to balance the ratios of land and non-land, etc.

There are some purists out there that'll scream about inconsistency for going a single card over the minimum recommendation, but to heck with all of them - it's only a recommendation, not a hard limit.

The only time the inconsistency thing really comes up is if you're only running a single copy of certain cards, then you might not see them, but otherwise it's fine.

However, I must note that everyone in my play group also builds at 69, so our decks are evenly matched amongst ourselves..

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Tactical Withdrawal is illegal in this deck.