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Divide and Conquer

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Looks really solid, and from reading the thread it seems effective.

My only question is on Promotion. Does it do much for the deck? I'd wonder about replacing it with Ion Rifle?
Or calculated strike

It might be worth a shot. The reason I included Promotion was mostly that with relatively few cheap command units, I wanted to make sure that I could actually win command on the planets I went for, but so far promotion has rarely been necessary.


The problem with Ion Rifle is that there aren't a whole lot of great targets for it. The Hawks and Wraithguard all have a measly 2hp, so they get shot down if they ever present too much of a threat, and and I think that resource and card could be better spent beefing up the Wildriders. I'd be more inclined to swap the promotions for additional DDS and Starcannon (or perhaps just adding some more fighting units.) Even the Odds is another one that might be worth considering.


Alternatively, I could throw in an Ambush Platform (again; I used to have one of those, but removed it to get down to 50 cards), which would make Ion Rifle a lot more appealing.



Calculated Strike is tempting as well, but... it's not an attachment, which means it waters down the ECT's and For the Tau'va a bit, and it's only really useful against AM. That might be a worthwhile trade, though.


There's plenty of room for experimentation. I've only played 8 games or so with this deck, so I'm sure it can still be improved.