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Eldar 2-core deck


2 core is hard to build from for command struggle, as ideally you want 3 of a lot of the cheap command winners.


Card pool restrictions in mind though, consider:



Warp Spiders, Hellion Gang, Shrouded Harlequin and Silvered Blade Avengers are relatievly weaker picks than your others. The Avengers in particular lie high on the cost curve so can be expensive to deploy.


I would consider Kabalite Strike Force, Altansar Rangers, Soaring Falcon and Sybarite Marksman as direct one for one replacements.



Doom, Gift if Isha and Nullify are sensible includes

As you're on 2x max, I would say 2 each of those, then 2 each of Archons Terror and Superiority, to make 10 picks total, and 12 Events total with Foresight.

Power From Pain can be good but needs a more aggro build (e.g. Chaos/Dark Eldar). The neutral events are of no benefit here.



Shrine is automatic, and 1 Corsair Trading Port is not unreasonable. I'm not a fan of Promethium Mine, but it does work for this sort of deck, so 2 of those. That makes 4.

From there I would suggest adding 2 Craftworld Gates. I don't rate them as top tier cards, but with this card pool you may have fun with them in the deploy phase, as their action can count as a deploy. If you drop a Void Pirate early, then it gets countered, you can then move it back, and move it somewhere you will expect to win. Or you can use it to get guys with precious command icons back from post First Planet battle back to your hand. Or you can use it to recycle your Swordwinf Farseer, though this is an expensive move.


31 units + 12 support + 6 events = 49, so we need one more card. Add a Rogue Trader to round it out, and you're done. Or, as an alternative, banshee Power Sword to boost your range guys and set up Gift of Isha, though I'd say that combo is a little weak even when you have 3 x Gift of Isha, and likely not worth it for 2x


Against anyone else playing 2 x core sets, expect to win a lot of command struggles.