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Eldar in Howl


Looks like a very solid Eldar deck with a nice option to play into the midgame (unlike many other Eldar decks).

A couple of questions I do have (because I feel certain Eldar cards directly need other cards in order to become really good):


- Why run the Black Guardians over the Bork'an Recruits? In special with Eldorath ATK seems to be more imporant as HP to me and at the same time you allready have the Tau allience going on and have an Command Icon. *Alternatively you could drop the Biel-Tan Warp Spiders to have an even more heavy presence in the initial stages of the game.

- Why run the Eldar Survivalist without Superiority? The reason I ask this is because I feel these cards need each other to make each other good (altough there is always something to be said for Superiority). I also feel that the Eldar Survivalist is great at luring Warlords but does Superiority so it can instantly pay back for itself (by winning command) before going down.

- Why run Spiritseer Erathal? I undertand it's uses with Nullify but you play 3 Nullify vs 1 Spiritseer, chances they are going to meet are very small. I'd rather include another Ion Rifle for ECT to find.

- Why not run Altansar Rangers? Simple, you have the Ion Rifles. I'd consider dropping Trailblazer...


Now I understand you don't have a whole lot of room to flex but I would drop Corsair Trading Port and Spiritseer instantly for Rangers...


Still, a 4/5 for sure.

Ok first the first idea of the deck is to have mobility command power and can focus in spesific battles with Empower or Gift of Isha.I dont have any room for other events in the deck thats why i dont play Superiority also i dont feel like playing Superiority in eldar decks because you can use Eldoraths ability with Foresight with the same result at early.Also because of the luck of the AoE of the deck the units of the deck have more Effective toughness in hp also more effective when you use empower in battles.Also i use Black Guardians instead of Borkan Recruits because they are no eldar units.Thats why i also inculde the Corsair trading post.The only reason i dont like Rangers is because when you deploy them you must play around them and they realy concile you strategy atleast at the start of the game.

If you notice the units that i use for command struggles are not costing more than 2 resources i feel like 3+ units must have good combat effectiveness unlike Rangers And Swordwind Farsheers.