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Eldar Mill!


If relying on Slake the Thirst for milling cards, is there some mileage in including some Coliseum Fighters to try recur the events?

So, knowing that you're a skilled player and deckbuilder, I can only presume this posted deck is cunning disinformation to sabotage the playerbase? :)


In all seriousness, mill as a theme doesn't work at all. I guess with the timing right, it'd be possible to mill three times in a single turn with this card after the command phase, and force an 11 card draw (say by committing Eldorath to a planet with no opposition, and using the action window before you are due to attack, then forcing 2 draw on HQ phase) but its still hard to get an opponent 2

39 cards deep into their deck without them winning the game.


Hell, you KNOW this:


It's a mill card. Let's wait for more



Re: Rogue Trader over Void Pirate, I'd actually switch that around. Fact is, most people play Rogue Traders to planets that give them +cards, and Void Pirate to planets that give them +resources, in order to avoid having too much of one command bonus tied up in a single snipable package, and against DE, to preempt Archon's Palace pain. Part of milling is to - in the early game, before threat is apparent - play for resources on command and let the opponent load up on cards on command.
As another bonus, Ssylth Merc loves it when we play for resources > cards.
By same logic, I'd consider 3x Caius, as he will mitigate the pain of having to give up command draw to the opponent. I'd also run both Eldar uniques at x1 to maximise Nullify chances (to stop Nullifying of Slake at a critical time), and now we're running 5 uniques, add 1 No Mercy as well.

Hell, if we're going to jank, lets jink-jank till we get a 3++ invulnerable save.


Here's an entire deck set around setting up the combo. Give away command struggles that would net cards for opponent. Use the old Calamity / Caius combo to slow the tempo of the game, and don't play Slake till you've got three of them. If the opponent cottons on, the deck won't work. 
Total Cards: (50)
1x Eldorath Starbane (Core Set) 
Army Unit: (30)
4x Starbane’s Council (Core Set)
3x Biel-Tan Guardians (Core Set)
3x Inquisitor Caius Wroth (Descendants of Isha)
3x Iyanden Wraithguard (Core Set)
1x Spiritseer Erathal (Core Set)
3x Sslyth Mercenary (Gift of the Ethereals)
3x Warlock Destructor (Gift of the Ethereals)
3x Biel-Tan Warp Spiders (Core Set)
3x Coliseum Fighters (Core Set)
3x Swordwind Farseer (Core Set)
1x Autarch Celachia (The Great Devourer)
So, the Farseers help fetch Slakes for the endgame move. The Coliseum Fighters are flexible, either to get back Calamities or to allow for a (telegraphed) second round of slakes, if we can get them down to say, 19 cards or so. Otherwise, Slake only when opponent has 11 cards in deck remaining.
Attachment: (4)
1x Mobility (Core Set)
3x Promotion (Core Set)
Event: (15)
2x Foresight (Core Set)
3x Nullify (Core Set)
1x No Mercy (Core Set)
3x Slake the Thirst (The Threat Beyond)
3x Archon’s Terror (Core Set)
3x Calamity (The Howl of Blackmane)
Support: (1)
1x Alaitoc Shrine (Core Set)
Aug 19 2015 12:44 PM

Lol ok, this was obviously a "joke deck". I've just added the only 2 good mill cards we have so far in a generic Eldar deck (there's also Crucible of malediction but it really sucks so it didn't made the cut).

There are not enough cards to be thematic. The only way to achieve milling is to have a game of 7 rounds and hope to see some of the mill cards.


Fun fact: I've played a game of 6 rounds and I saw not a single warp spider....


I really would love to see this theme gets more love but we are so far from the goal.


Asklepios: even playing 3 thirst in the same turn will give you only 9 cards... which is really underwhelming. But for this kind of deck you need to win a lot of command going for resources and let the opponent drawing all the cards that he will not play because the lack of R. It's a very long shot.