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Eldorath DE


Cards to consider:

-Sslyth Mercenary --> They have a bit of a risk, and can be pretty worthless when you're behind in resources, but they can also be super efficient, especially in already command-strong decks.

-Empower --> you need 2-shielders, especially if running fragile hard-hitters like Wraithguards and Reavers.


I don't think Foretell is nearly as useful in Eldar as it is in Kith. Nothing that can be abused against you.

Subdual hasn't convinced me yet. Can be clutch at times, but more often than not it's a shield. Empower can also win games when you play it. When you can't it's still a better shield.


In any case, it's a solid build. Similar to what I have been running for months.

Dec 01 2015 04:48 AM
Subdual went in after a couple Aun'shi games. Perhaps an over reaction.
Dec 01 2015 09:47 AM

Autarch Celiakia ---> any card that cost 3 or less. Literally any. Try the Kabalite Straking force if you want AOE


and as Majestaat already said you need 2 shielder (empowered)

Solid deck, and IMO all the cards a reasonable inclusions in an Eldorath deck. I agree that some more 2 shield cards would be beneficial. You should probably try playing the deck several times and try note down what cards you're not 100% happy with. After enough testing you should be able to find something to swap around if you want more shields.