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Eldorath learns to drive


I would definitely try and fit in Tense if you can. I've been finding it absolutely amazing out of Eldorath/Tau lately (admittedly I'm running a much more janky variation on this theme). With this kind of deck, you might even find yourself triggering Tarrus or Y'Varn early on, which could be huge. Also gives another swarm solution if Atrox is about, another control option via Ferrin, the ability to keep those big units relevant via Plannum etc. Whereas warlords like Kith live in fear of most planet triggers, I think Eldorath Bonesinger likes almost all of them.


I also think ECT is worth it. DDS, Jetbike, Starcannon, even Iyanden, are all handy in different situations and ECT gives you a better chance of finding the right solution at the right time imo.


Doom is tough, but the synergy with mobile is, as you know, pretty sweet. 


Of course all of that requires finding things to cut, which isn't so easy.

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How does the deck run when it does not find Bonesinger Choir?

Generally resources haven't been too big an issue, so I think cutting the Rogue traders for ECTs is a start.

The only event I feel I can cut at all is Mind War, which has been good but not amazing. I think I'll drop them for 2 x Tense.

But what to cut for Doom? Given how good the other events are, and that my unit count can't really go lower, the only option looks to be Starcannon.

How does the deck run when it does not find Bonesinger Choir?

Funnily enough that hasn't happened yet!

However, given that there are only 6 cards costing more than 3, and every card at 3 cost or lower is either 2 hammers, resource/card bonus, or hard hitting I don't think its too bad.

The real test will be facing off against Kith or Worr of course. Noone I know has used Kith recently and Worr for some reason didn't do too well at the SC (teched against maybe?)

I played a similar deck and found that Ambush Platform was crucial to making the DDS work. Being able to drop it during combat once you know where the warlord train has gone makes a big difference. Similarly keeping it in hand until after the opponent's units have attacked/exhausted was very important in several battles as it ensured the unit with the DDS survives if you only have normal Mobility as a means of moving your vehicles around. Dropping in Ion Rifles during combat is also an excellent trick, and I preferred these to Star Cannon. The problem is indeed deck space for fitting in all the pieces.

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I can see the point about knowing where the warlord train is, but tbh I would often put it on a unit at planet 2 that could move, meaning said warlord train would be hit for sure, or have to go to planet 4/5 (which I'm perfectly OK with!).

I can see the argument for Ion Rifles over Starcannons, though surely that would mean running an extra Iyanden Wraithguard.

General question for people, is Nullify worth it?

It was really useful for me in stopping Exterminatus (and in a game against Ba'arzul it prevented Gut and Pillage and Blood for the Blood God, the latter being used to kill his own unit so he could trigger Tarrus) and generally I feel a lot safer with it, but a lot of decisive combat events can be played after Eldorath is exhausted, and there are no other uniques in the deck. Thoughts?

If you're not playing nullify, why not just play Dark Eldar with Eldar allies? :P


On a more serious note, I've more and more played without Nullify and it is not as key as I used to feel it was. As you say it can relatively easily be played around by ensuring Eldorath is exhausted if you don't have other unique units on the board. There will always be cases when Nullify would be a fantastic card if you have it, but other cards might similarly be conditionally awesome. Just like Subdual and Foretell, Nullify is now a toolbox card that can help you get out of a pickle, but quite often sits in your hand and you wish you'd have something more useful.

I've taken Nullify, Warlock Destructor and Promotion out of my Eldorath Jank deck. I should probably not admit this in public. It janks likes a boss without the deadweight though.


P.s. If you take Nullify out, it's better not to tell people. That way they still play around it.

Or, tell them and secretly keep it in surely!

Maybe a 1x so they can never feel fully safe?

I would never run an Eldorath deck without 3x Nullify. You can pretty much calculate how a battle will go in your head if you don't have to have the extra Events math.

Sounds good. I can then drop 1 Void Pirate and run 2 x Ion Rifle. I think that will be my next version for testing

In summary

- 2 Rogue Trader
- 1 Void Pirate
- 1 Nullify
- 2 Mind War
- 2 Starcannon

+ 2 Earth Caste Technician
+ 2 Ion Rifle
+ 2 Tense Negotiations
+ 2 Doom
I tried without Nullify and can't say that I recommend it. I play either two or three, but never less.