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Eldorath Tau US Nats 1st Place

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This version sans 'Stache...   



Looks pretty standard.  Congrats on the win!

Grats on the title PapaKhann! A fine achievement indeed :)

No earth caste, I thought as much.
Jun 23 2016 12:18 AM
I'm actually fairly surprised at the Kinsman and not ECT. Seems like an auto-include with 9 attachments including some 2-shielders. Great looking list, though. Eldorath too strong!
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Jun 23 2016 06:10 AM
Seems pretty standard and straight forward. I am wondering how often you play the mighty mighty wraithknight? Seems alot to invest if it doesn't pay off.
Congrats on the win, good sir! :) How helpful did you find 3 x Mind War? Would you consider any other events in that slot?
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Congrats on the victory! Why dont you play Earth Caste Technician?

A few quick answers...


Pemmin, PM sent.


Regarding the Mighty Wraithknight, it's there to deal with situations where I really need it (say for instance my opponent has a large standing army at his win planet).  Especially when combined with a Gift of Isha, the Wraithknight is very strong.  If the investment isn't going to pay off, simply don't play it.


Mind War was very strong for me in a number of matches.  With the number of Psykers in the deck, I was never in a situation where I couldn't play Mind War when I wanted to.


ECT is strong, no doubt about it.  Anticipating that I'd face mainly Worr and Kith, I opted for the Kinsman to have another more capable combat unit at green planets (Khymera tokens only have one health, and Worr tends to use a lot of one or two health units).  I can see the case for ECTs too.



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PapaKhann - Did you use Subdual at all, and do you not rate Eldritch Storm?

Thanks PapaKhan for posting. I'll be using this as my base for testing. I really appreciate it.


So DDS over Archon's Terror? I assume it's because you expected more Worr over Eldorath?