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Eldorath Vehicle - Toronto Regionals - T8

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May 18 2016 03:15 AM
Hey man! Thanks for the shout out! Good looking deck. I've actually been thinking about fitting in 2x promotions in my own deck for help with Kith and Mirror. Right now I'm just having so much FUN with Starcannon and I'm digressing.....

Anyways, how is Subdual working for you? I'm not loving the idea, but I get why is there lol.
What are main targets for subdual?
Jul 19 2016 04:34 PM

I'm a strong proponent of running 1x Doom; how did you feel the 2x Subdual worked out?

What are main targets for subdual?

I imagine Forward Barracks, Smasha Gun Battery, Plaguefather's Banner, Tempest Blade and Khymera Den are important targets, especially if they get removed during (or before in case of Smasha) the big game deciding battle.

I'd recommend swapping the Subduals for Missile Pods, which cover support destruction better while also being versatile in other situations.

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In the Tau Version, Missile Pods were AUTO REPLACED for the Subdual. The event is strong, but being able to hit off of ECT is more important IMO. 


SoulTsunami: I hate doom. I feel that I'm always in the lead except against worr. so doom is just a shield 99% of the time.

Im having fun with a copy of Deathly Web Shrine in any Eldar Vehicle Deck

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