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Every Morn and Every Night

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If you have enough raiders/kabalites in your deck, you should get a reduction on one of them in deploy, so I tend to think of all such cards as a package for Morn rather than at 1 less cost. Kabalite Halfborn just doesn't do enough for me to include it over other options. I agree its nice with Harriers, but that's not quite enough.

I think you are right on the Venomous Fiend in general, but there are a few occasions where the Venom can really help (it allows you to heavily ambush to win planet 1 than actually deploy your massive train for strong command or bullying next turn). Fiend probably is the correct call in general, I'd go for a 2:1 split but that's personal taste.

I prefer Suffering as a 2 shield to Raid. In all my games with Morn I have almost never been in a position to use Raid for its ability. Given your point about Marauder I think you may hoard resources a little less than me though.

Agree Rapid Assault is a 2 of.

How does Staff work out for you? Must be a lot of fun when it goes off with Portal and Slaver!
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Haven't gotten a chance to try the Staff yet.  Seems like it could be great fun.  It's tough to choose between the Staff and the Bladed Lotus Rifle, and 3x each PLUS Promotions seems bad, thus why they're currently 2x each (and still holding on to 3x Promotion).  The attachments are probably the part that is most likely to change after testing.


The version of this deck that didn't have Halfborns had a problem with not having enough Kabalites during deployment.  It's true that if you don't get the discount, they're much less impressive (0C1R would be great for a 2/2, but a 1/1 with Harrier synergy isn't quite enough), but I feel like I hate having 0 Kabalites in hand more than I hate having Halfborn + another Kabalite, and also they are a "better than nothing" target for Rapid Assault to ready a Marauder.


As far as the Venom, I can see its uses (original build of the deck had Possessed, but Venom subbed in for it when it was released), but they haven't really materialized for me in play.  Seemed like too many times I was deploying the Venom just for its stats and a 1R rebate, and not enough times actually getting good use out of its ability.  Might come down to a question of playstyle.