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Fundamental Eldorath


Looks like a solid deck! The one thing I'll point out is that unique units might be helpful to allow you to trigger Nullify more reliably. I personally include 1-2 copies of Spiritseer Erathal in almost every Eldar deck I make. While I don't find Erathal's ability particularly compelling, he can make a decent command drop, he's no slouch in a battle, and deploying him to a late planet for command means he'll likely be ready (and therefore able to provide Nullify support) for important battles on earlier planets.

Chiming in on Kingsley's comment, I would suggest trying swapping out one Wraithguard and one Wildrider for one copy each of Spiritseer Erathal and Autarch Celachia. You lose some of the offensive punch, but the cost is the same, you get another hammer, have uniques for Nullify synergy and as protection from Archon's Terror and some other events, access to AOE which you don't otherwise have, and still have Armourbane and Mobility as an option. Alternatively, you may want to keep the Wildrider and swap out the Wraithknight instead.
Dec 13 2015 12:59 PM
Thanks for the feedback. I've been trying uniques in place of the Wraithguard. It does make Nullify easier to use, which makes me think that when playing against Eldorath it would be a good plan to kill the unique units whenever possible.