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Fundamental Zogwort


Ammo depot and Tellyporta Pad is probably still worth putting in. Maybe even a Kustom Field Generator. If you feel that you are doing well on command then don't put in the Ammo Depots. Tellyporta and Kustom I'd probably only go 1x of each and I'd remove 2 Squig Bombin down to 1. Other than that it looks pretty good, you should be able to win consistently with it, Zogwort is much stronger than many think.

I don't like the direction of it, but I'm hesitant to make suggestions, as to not mess up the aforementioned "framework". As such, I hope Zoggy begins to do well and I hope you are the one to make it happen. :)


Personally, I like Ork Kannons, and the Chaos alliance just for Warpstrom.


AM is probably better, but I think I'm in the minority as far as having to play all 6 of the 2 hammer AM guys. Their lack of punch often comes into focus in my games(Sanctioned Psyker and the Recruits). The amount of cards that do not add to combat bugs me.(Psyker, Recuits, Void, Rogue, promotion). Meh.


On a side note, I like the amount of 2-shields.

Dec 12 2015 05:09 AM
I hear the concern about units that can't fight. The version of Zogwort I actually play right now has much less command focus than this, which means it is not as viable outside my local meta.
Dec 15 2015 01:44 AM
Still tweaking. Hate leaving out Evil Sunz, but trying to hold on to the six 2 hammer units. My first swap would be to drop Iron Guard for Evil Sunz if I did not fear it would gut my game vs good command decks.

Would love to wedge the Warbuggy in, but would need to drop events/shields to do so.