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Interesting - take every mobile unit and try the deck! Would be very interested to know how this goes.

I would recommend dropping the Trading Port- not enough Eldar units to justify it. I would also drop Even the Odds for Tense Negotiations, no sure why ETO is in there unless Shadowsun and Ku'gath regularly dominate your meta?
ETO lets you get added uses out of the Ion Rifle, which isn't bad. I think ETO would be a solid choice for a Baharroth deck running both the Rifle and Promotion. Promotion with mobile units makes winning command a real headache, and ETO would let you further complicate matters.
Yeah, ETO isn't bad, but Tense Negotiations is better.
Why not both?
I could see an argument for having both and removing Superiority - that card tend to work best if you have Survivalists in the deck, otherwise the scenarios where it has a meaningful effect are a lot more limited.