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Hickory Grigory Dock


Thinking about making a deck with a similar theme but different cards.


Enginseer Augur seems like he'd be a good pick. Better than Interrogator Acolyte.

For its cost and effect, yes. But I'm also looking to get my Army units and Event cards into my hand. So far Interrogator Acolyte is a life saver to get To Arms! and Bolster the Defense into my hand during combat phase.

Aug 15 2016 02:43 PM

I hear that, but getting Clearing The Path as early as possible seems like such a boon.  I agree that Enginseer Augur feels like it belongs in this deck.  Though I've always loved Enginseer Augur as a card filter and I've been debated on it's value endlessly. Not sure how you fit it into the deck.


I appreciate that you only took 2 shield events. A 1 shield event needs to be really essential to make a Maksim deck in my opinion.