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Indirect Orks


Saw something similar during our last tournament. Didn't do too well, despite promising results through testing. It gives up too much command (if you're not drawing cards you're not seeing your supports) and Landa can do negligible damage even when the deck is built towards it. Being unique also hurts. So in the end, the playing the deck was like flipping a coin.


I'd try something a little more stable. Remove the Landas altogether and rely on Smasha + Kannons for damage.

This allows you to drop some inefficient and expensive units in favor of, say, Enraged Orks and Sanctioned Psykers, who are great at providing command presence while soaking a ton of Smasha damage. Hostile Environment Gear can also help here with more HP for cheap.

Enraged Ork is a tempting choice for orks but mandatory for Smashas. If it weren't loyal, I'd be throwing 3 into my Coteaz Smasher because Enraged Orc is the most efficient cost-to-HP unit available and he gets better as he gets smashed. Just like the Bad Dok.


Sanctioned Psykers are also good for Smasha/Ork Cannon play because they can soak a command snipe attempt and have a nice pool of HP. Plus they're good command. They're even better with Nazdreg because they can flee from snipes with injuries, join the Warlord train, and benefit from Brutal and actually contribute to fights.


Cybork Body makes all of these high-HP units even more tempting. A 10 HP Enraged Ork is tougher than demons, gets progressively smashier, all at a quarter of the cost.


If you like this deck, remember the indirect damage tricks - you can only assign damage equal to the number of HP available, so if you get into a situation where your only unit is your Warlord vs. an opponent with a stack of cards in-hand and a bunch of units on the field, you can Smasha to your hearts content, assign a stack of damage on your warlord, and so long as you have a single shield in your hand, you can block that shield.


I have a single copy of No Mercy specifically to stop people who do this against me. It procs off your warlord and your Crushface, so if any of the other cards aren't doing it for you, you might consider that. Promotions are nice and cheap, but a Painboy Tent might serve you better (it basically makes everybody a scrubbier version of the Bad Dok) and might open up some cards.


I like the concept of the Landas and are definitely in-theme, but they are unique, expensive, and not very reliable. :(  


I've been wanting to try out an Ork Smasha deck (maybe throw in cannons, the Defense Artillery and those indirect cross-faction orcs or whatever they're called in the new Necron stuff, and go heavy on the indirect damage/artilley theme). My buddy here was contemplating trying a Nazdreg Smasha (I think he posted a deck).

I'll throw some commentary on here and chat up future updates. I like it.

Thanks for your thoughts. Here are some updates with a few more plays:

- 1 ork landa (smasha does most of the work and this card only helps threaten an oppenent anyway)

- 1 ammo depot (I've had 2 games where I had all 3 and I've only ever used the support twice in both games combined)

+2 No Mercy (because it's a great idea)


Still undefeated. I was mostly worried to play against Eldar because of capping, but I had zero problems with the decks rhythm agaisnt Eldar's choke. I haven't played against Mavros or any of the Astra Militarum warlords. 


I think that it is important to never launch a smasha until turn 2 or 3. I usually wait until 3 because it's when the opponent has had 2 turns to build a fatty hand and I've been able to grab a smasha and mekanik combo.


The concerns for ork landa are justified but the threat of a landa going off is way more deadly than it actually happening. I've seen enough players made sub-optimal plays because they knew the landa could take them out.


I took the advice for No Mercy and added 2. They have always come in handy.


I really should take out another ammo depot, but I just have a feeling that there will come a day when I need to draw a few extra cards and my 1 depot will be on the bottom of the deck. Usually I solely focus on resource planets when I can and then play all of my cards and that maneuvers your opponent to draw even more cards with no resources to play them.