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Jain Zar's Ambush


Nice attempt at a Jain Zar setup. I like your idea about setting up a first-strike unit with a +3ATK weapon attachment and then cancel or block any effects the opponent might use to mess with it before it swings, but I'm a little unsure whether the shurikens are worth including seeing as you only have seven rather meager units they can go on. You may want to either include more Warrior-traited combat units or consider using the card slots on something else. Normally I'd say the shurikens are better played with Dark Eldar as allies or vice versa, out of Dark Eldar with Eldar allies.


Possible warrior units to include could be either Autarch Celachia (good with Nullify too), the Corsair, Shrieking Exarch, or, if you want to stay on track with the surprise-theme and low-cost perhaps even the new Scorpion Striker.


I'd also recommend some neutrals (traders, pirates and promotions), probably at the expense of Foretell and those Kinsmen, but maybe that's just an old way of thinking :)  

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Thanks for the feedback!
Yes, I'll try putting in 1 or 2 Autarch Celachia and a couple Eldritch Corsair. As for Neutral units, I might remove Vashya Trailblazer and Saim Hann Kinsmen to put in Void Pirates and Rogue Traders.

It's a gutsy call to make a deck without Elites in these elite times. It's clear that (sudden) big swings may deal with an unsuspecting enemy Elite, but you might be in trouble if faced with a giant, say, a Squiggoth Brute. Hm, maybe you should consider a surprise trick like the neutral No Mercy now that you should have some Unique units on the board for Nullify..

That might dispatch a big Elite regardless of a double or triple shield (and even render any such big shield wasted as a silver lining).

No Mercy may also provide you with a neat assassination option :)


But certainly, there's no deck that can have effective counters for every adversary.

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First off, yeah I know it's 2019.  But I still want to put my 2 cents in.  As a casual player, I built this deck because my homie said he wanted a lot of cancels.  I played against it a couple times and was unimpressed, but tonight I played it myself and I see where you are going here.  Even though I lost I think I got a feel for it.  This is absolutely a Big Brain deck since there are so many moving parts that need to work together.  I am excited to tweak it and see where it can go (I definitely want a third Earth Caste Technician for mill).  


But anyways, I highly recommend this deck if you are a high skill player playing against a low skill player that you are encouraging to get into the game.