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Kith Krush! 4th At Uk nationals

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Well done on making the Top 4. Even though I don't play Kith and our paths didn't cross on the day I still enjoyed reading your report, and am impressed with your memory for detail. Bonus points for your use of the plural 'Khymerae'! Its reassuring to know that Kith is very much at home in the new world of big elites...
Aug 23 2016 01:19 AM
I took this deck to a 8 man tourney over the weekend and it was amazingly efficient. Won the event. It was quick, fun, and brutal. The only change i made was taking out the promotion for another promise of glory. Something you had mentioned in your post. Thanks for the deck list and wright up.

Personally I feel Bloodied Reavers should be replaced by Ssylth Mercs. They fit your resource superiority position, teleportarium can generate deploy delays in a pinch, and they help compensate for the lower Promotion count. I'd also go 1 fewer Teleportarium 1 extra Promise, but only if the Mercs were in as well.


Otherwise, I gotta say your deck balance is pretty much perfect. Congrats on the placement.

I took a similar build to this with me to a summer kit event last night, only a few differences, I ditched promotions / suffering / bloodied reavers for 3 copies of thousand cuts, 1 additional siren and 1 additional copy of promise of glory. worked very well and helped me bag the bar'zul promo and the tokens too :-).
Aug 26 2016 02:39 AM
I switched out the bloodied reavers for Disciple od Excess. I feel like they slide into that spot perfectly.

Thats interesting, i find the reavers are great due to being hard to snipe, and offering lots of damage on the cheap when im low on resources.