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Kith/Chaos BC T32/Regional winner/Midwest sector champs t8 +More

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Jun 09 2016 03:08 AM

Thanks for the share, Dustin; it almost makes up for ruining my brackets ;) Well played in every regard, sir. You dun good.

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sadly its a kith deck and anyone going 6 and 0 with kith is just meh

Great work pal, flying the Kith banner superbly :)

sadly its a kith deck and anyone going 6 and 0 with kith is just meh


Sorry, but that's utterly wrong.


2 store championships, a regional top 4 place and 4th of 187 players cannot be attributed to "oh, its a Kith deck."


Kith is a strong warlord, and this is - for sure - the tried and tested build. However skill outweighs deck build any day of the week, and you don't get those sorts of results without being a great player.

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Jun 09 2016 12:06 PM
Kith has some tougher matchups these days. So experienced pilots are what make her consistent. Not just being Kith.

While I agree with Asklepios's post in general, the part where I disagree is that this is the "tried and tested build".  I see several card choices that are often overlooked amongst too many players, notably Murder of Razorwings and Twisted Laboratory.  Solarite, Raid, and Sowing Chaos are also far from auto-includes.   


Personally I was happy to see this list since I feel it IS different from most "standard" Kith builds.  I'd actually like to hear some battle reports on this deck to see if/how these meta choices paid off.

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While i do not remember how every game from all of the events went, i can go over some of the cards and my experiences with them.


Murder of Razorwings:  I have always played this card, the ability to disrupt is extremely strong.  Take a look at how strong the battle ability on Barlus is and put it on a unit.  Excellent fodder for Pact of the Haemonculi as well since it doesn't have a command presence and very minimal combat presence.  The next time you draw a hard and think its playable, discard one of those cards at random and reevaluate the hand.  This is still a card game and you will draw mediocre hands more often than not,  Razorwings can make those hands unplayable.  It can also improve your early game Sslyth plays by removing plays from your oppoents hands forcing them to pass or spend too many resources before you play your Sslyth.


Twisted Lab:  This is really my tech one of, a lot of times it won't see play but when it does it earns its spot.  There are a lot of great things to blank and as units get better there will always be targets.  Its an answer to : AoE, Maxos, Ranged Voltron, Honored Librarians, Enemy Syrens, Unstoppable, Brutal, Volatile Pyrovores, Fire Warrior Elite, Emperor's Champion, your own Sslyth if you don't think you can protect it, Etc.


Solarite:  I started testing this when it first came out and the number of planets she has won and warlords she has bloodied by herself is impressive.  The flying body makes shields so effective and trading 1 damage to do 2 back is great value, she is also immune to opposing Archon's Terrors making her fairly difficult to remove from a planet.


Raid:  A lot of times this is a two shield but the disruption ability is again really strong, i would expect most people are playing this.


Sowing Chaos:  This is my meta call for the cycle,  Worr is everywhere and Kith hates dealing with swarms of dudes.  In the early game if your opponent doesn't consider this card you can blow them out of turn 1 and cripple their command, possibly blanking their entire first turn.  In the late game if they are setting up a lot of dudes for a big final battle you can wreck their forces before the battle even begins.  I don't play this in every game but when i do it's been great. Out of all the games i've played with this list  i have only lost 1 game after playing this card.

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Love this deck it is very similar to mine.  Minus the sowing chaos and add Fanatics, other then that just quantity tweaks.  I 100% agree on your thoughts on Twisted lab and Solarite.  I have never considered Sowing chaos before, I use warpstorm for swarms, perhaps I need to rethink that call.


Anyway love seeing a deck so similar to mine doing so well.

Just won my local regional with this updated list.  The field was 11  with a good chunk of them coming up from Chicago.


Round 1: Vs Eldorath Vehicles.  I end up losing this game due to not being able to stop Sig units from jumping around with jetbikes and a For the Tau'va to seal the deal.


Round 2: Mavros,  I know this match up very well, both the deck and the player as it's my girlfriend playing the deck.  I get an early advantage and i am able to milk it over the long game for the win.


Round 3:  Eldorath Vehicles again,  Good example of very similar decks and less experienced pilots.  My opponent didn't have a lot of practice vs Kith and committed Eldorath very aggressively every turn, i'm pretty sure they went to 1-2 every turn.  I bloody Eldorath on turn 2, kill him on turn 3.


Round 4:  Worr, so starts the Worr match ups.  Both my opponent and I need to win this game to get in.  I hit a Troop Transport and a Tallarn Raiders on first turn with Murder of Razorwings and follow it with an Archon's Palace.  I see all three Klaivex this game and my opponent can't mount an offense.


Top 4 is two Worr and Two Kith


Top 4: Worr,  This time i play one of my meta mates and the game is over fast.  He plays a first turn troop transport and Forward Barracks.  We both spread out for command but i had the advantage.  At planet one he made a pretty greedy play, popping transport for just one token and giving both his units ranged with Preemptive vs Kith and a token.  The token dies and Kith takes one, i swing for two at his Markus and Klaivex it, routing my own pirate to save it from Worr with the planet and leaving my opponent with 2 cards and 0 resources.  He scooped a couple turns later to my much stronger command and board presence.


Finals: Worr.  My opponent was very aggressive with his deploys, loading up planet one more than needed and i had the golden touch with random discards this game, hitting all his answers.  Solaryte into Klaivex in the middle of the game cleared his board mid game and then it was just a matter of mopping up.

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Hi, love the deck list. :-)


Do you recall what your opponents played against you in the BC League and how those games generally went?

My Black Crusade matched were,


Round 1: Modified win as my opponent ended up having octgn issues and couldn't get it working


Round 2: Kugath,  Denied him the cards and resources to fuel his tricks.  Easy win


Round 3: Kugath,  This Kugath got a turn 1 banner, I played hit and run throwing damage on kugath when i could retreat before he got to attack and remove it.  Came down to planet 7,  I played a Sowing Chaos to clear his units from the planet and he was left with Kugath vs my large warlord train.


Round 4: Kingsley's Cato,  Was very nervous going into this game knowing i was playing Kingsley, even worse when i saw he was playing Cato.  Game was back and forth with Cato pulling ahead midgame,  I land a Sowing Chaos leaving him with just an Honored Librarian on planet one.  After this point i took back control of the game and pulled out the win.


Round 5: HiveTyrant playing Worr,  This game is recorded and posted by The Hive Tyrant,  he deploys aggressively and then commits his warlord not aggressively and i force the long game effectively blanking his entire turn 1.  He never got back into the game.


Round 6: I don't remember this match sadly


Top 32: Worr, I decided on committing to Barlus when i could have committed to Ferrin to fuel a first turn Klaivex to him on his back foot, i end up having to retreat from Barlus and got my Klaivex discarded.  A Staging Ground the next turn sealed it as i wasn't able to send my warlord anywhere safely.

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Fair play mate, main reason I ask is because I am tempted to run Chaos allies in my Kith deck, switching from Eldar allies, just worried about losing the warlock destructors attack power and the superiority command trick, so was wondering about the range of opponents you faced. :-)

I never really felt the need for Superiority even when i played Eldar allies, it just wasn't a card i needed except in the mirror or sometimes Eldar match up.  I do understand the Warlock Destructors though, i went through the same thing when i switched allies and play Bloodied Reavers for a long time in their spot.  I feel Chaos allies play differently than Eldar allies though, you end up being more proactive with your choke rather than sitting back.  I think this added aggressiveness  does some work to help not having Destructors.

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Jun 15 2016 08:47 PM
I'd like to point out that Drake was one of the most enjoyable players I've played yet, despite making me nervous simply by sitting down and also playing Kith. Much respect for the deck, skill, and person.

Thank you, my local meta is pretty small so i always enjoy the chance to play people from other places.  Gives me a good perspective of where i fall skill wise and keeps me grounded when i lose.

Jun 16 2016 12:33 PM
You're welcome then ;)

Hi Dustin. You updated your deck and took out the Bloodied Reavers, can I ask what and why you changed it? Looking at the cards now it feels there might be a bit a lack of combat units... just my impression obviously :)


In the way Sowing Chaos works for your Tokens, have you ever considered Calamity? If you get Khymera Masters and Razorwings back in hand it is nearly more an advantage, besides that you might have collected more Res anyway due to choke.

I really dislike bloodied reavers and have been trying to find what to fit in that slot for a while.  At 2 hp it ends up being yet another unit that just dies if you don't have initiative and unlike Incubi, who also have that issue, they only have one hammer.  They may yet come back into the deck but i am holding out for an efficient combat/bully unit for DE in this cycle somewhere.


I am not a huge fan of calamity, if i am choking my opponent i don't really want to give them the chance to redistribute their units more efficiently and i would rather not have to pay for a unit more than once.

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"R2: Kith, This was an "anti-Kith" build, while i have a lot of thoughts about this deck, I wont go into them here. My opponent played his deck very well but in the end it was the Good DE cards that won him this game (Palace) not the "anti-Kith" tech."


As the creator of the deck Drake played against I do not think of it as an "anti-Kith" build at all. I think of it as a very flexible build, and it just happens to do very well against Kith and Worr. Palace did see the table on my side but not until turn 3 of a (turn 4?) game. 


Thanks for coming down Drake it was awesome to have a player of your caliber in for our inaugural Midwest tourney. Hope to keep building the quality of turnout each year!

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Bunch of your guys came up to my local regional in Schofield, so we wanted to return the favor.  We plan on making the trip again.  You played the deck superbly and i meant no offense, just felt like it was the DE part of it that was carrying it.

Zero offense taken. Just adding to the commentary. I also do not want to share more on the deck as it may still have some legs in it coming up.