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Mavros AM Elite

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Looks interesting, similar to something I had in mind but didn't have the time to actually put together. Do you think that Fall Back might be a better choice than Rally the Charge, given the likelihood of being resource strapped? Sword Brethrens at Y'varn/Carnath get silly quickly, which definitely helps :)

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Nice setup HidaHonk. I've been looking into what a Mavros Elite build might look like, so it's always nice get inspired :)


I'd hate to loose the BAV's myself though due to their stall-synergy with Mavros, but maybe it's worth it.

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yea, BAV have no place in this deck, sadly... Fall back instead of rally the Charge is a good idea. Main weakness is the dependence on resources if you do not draw the cost reducer. The inclusion of the SM reducer instead of clearcut refuge could also be an option. The Standard bearer are expensive but the helped in every match I had.

Here's a sketch that I've come up with. It will still need some fine tuning but the core principle of the deck is there. Given that Space Marines don't have the best command game my thought was to maximise the efficiency of the deck rather than adding expensive tricks, and as such be able to afford more of the elites. Inspirational Fervour helps keep the elites relevant whilst Fall Back prevents their costs going to waste, for example.



Total Cards: (51)
1x Chaplain Mavros (Wrath of the Crusaders)

Army Unit: (28)
3x Reclusiam Templars (Wrath of the Crusaders)
1x The Emperor’s Champion (Wrath of the Crusaders)
3x Firedrake Terminators (The Threat Beyond)
1x Land Raider (Core Set)
3x Sword Brethren Dreadnought (What Lurks Below)
1x Space Wolves Predator (Descendants of Isha)
3x Rogue Trader (Core Set)
3x Void Pirate (Core Set)
3x Sacaellum Shrine Guard (Boundless Hate)
3x 10th Company Scout (Core Set)
3x Tallarn Raiders (Zogwort's Curse)
1x Inquisitor Caius Wroth (Descendants of Isha)
Attachment: (1)
1x Ancient Crozius Arcanum (Wrath of the Crusaders)
Event: (16)
2x Vow of Honor (Wrath of the Crusaders)
3x Backlash (Legions of Death)
3x Indomitable (Core Set)
2x Inspirational Fervor (Deadly Salvage)
3x Crushing Blow (Gift of the Ethereals)
1x Exterminatus (Core Set)
2x No Mercy (Core Set)
Support: (6)
1x Faith and Hatred (Wrath of the Crusaders)
2x Clearcut Refuge (Unforgiven)
3x STC Fragment (Legions of Death)
An alternative is to take out Wroth + 1x Clearcut for either 2x Ratling/Iron Guard Recruits/Promotion (more command) or 2x BAV, given they are just efficient, especially when you don't have the cash for elites
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The more I look at it the more I'm convinced that Fall Back + Clearcut is a good idea. Let the elite become an absolute beast health wise, then keep it in the game when it inevitably wins the planet. a 11+ hp Firedrake, for example, can easily win against vast armies

you seem to be making great elite decks anyway you can get ragnar to work?

I think ragnar is sadly the weakest sm warlord in the current meta. His DMG potential is just to low imo. Mavros has the best spike dmg potential, also his sig squad is good for elite decks. His wl ability also helps elite decks (Dreadnought shinnanigans). Cato would be another Option but his ability is weak against elite decks.