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Mavros the Merciless Marshal

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whats the secret? most mavros players are resource starved and barely get any combat tricks

Resource economy can be difficult if the planet flop neither has Ferrin nor Osus IV, but then the flop usually has several blue planets and/or Tarrus, which makes fights a lot easier. Tense Negotiations can be excellent in conjunction with the latter of course.


The key, I think, is also the Blood Angel Veterans and the excellent deploy stalls they yield with Mavros' ability during the deploy phase. This usually allows you to pick and choose in the command game, which again makes your overall game less difficult. I usually mulligan for a BAV depending on the flop and what I get otherwise.


Card economy is less of a problem, especially with Primal Howl, although I moronically forget to actually use it 50% of the time because I'm already busy calculating the possible outcomes of the ensuing fight.. But then it's a strong shield I suppose.


I think the secret to really chop down your opponent with this deck is No Mercy. Mavros potentially has access to more unique units than any other warlord in the game, and while one of these even has ambush the rest can be ambushed in via Maxos. And both Mavros' hale ability as well as his signature event easily allow for spike damage, so a merciless, so to speak, swing of 7-8 normally means a bloodied or assassinated warlord and a huge setback for your opponent (who also get to waste a two- or three shielder in the process) :)

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