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Mighty Wildrider Strike 1.0

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May 31 2016 05:41 PM

So I built something similar to this based on your deck.


I removed the Cosair Trading Post and traded it for the STC fragment. I think it adds a bigger impact.


I also traded out 1 enclave and 1 orbital city for 2 deception. Helps keep crucial command and the deck needed more two-shields.


Finally I swapped the 1 firewarrior elite for the third kauyon strike. Paired with Etheral Wisdom allows you to move your elites to planets they are needed.

In summary, I really liked this deck and it was fun to play. Don't know if it has what it takes to beat any of the big guys, but I'd definitely play it again. I think I'd swap the Vash'ya Trailblazers out for Bor'kan Recruits to get a little more punch.

May 31 2016 06:44 PM

I've been running Aun'shi Choir for about a month or so now and I find it to be a lot of fun.  My version runs significantly fewer cost reducers and 2x DDS / 2x Gun Drones.  I also run Borkan Recruits like Big Carl does but remember Carl, you can't Ethereal WIsdom the Eldar units, that card is for Tau units only.  I find the deck is extremely good against Kith/Worr but struggles mightily against Space Marines.

@BiggestCarl I have 3 deceptions in the deck. Did you have something else that I don't? 

I also added a 3rd Kauyon Strike, but found it to be more useful as a shield. But it works.

The Trailblazers are actually great for combos with the Vypers and the choke is pretty powerful in the long run. But I could be wrong.

@AllTheSithDudes (nice name by the way) I'm glad you mentioned the space marines flaw. I played a Mavros deck but found his deck-building skills to be lackluster. So I'm curious to see what a stronger player would provide. Why is this deck weak against Space Marines?


Explain to me the uses of gun drones. Borkan Recruits? Ethereal Envoy? Where was this strongest for you?


The problem I've had is the the DDS is a great attachment but I always seem to lack the opportunity to use it. It's always there as a threat but never executed. Even with the x3 Wraithknight...

Jun 01 2016 04:48 PM

The problem with SM is the same that Aun'shi usually has, indomitable nullifies peak dmg attacks, Eager Recruit/DPA play perfectly into Aun'shi's retreat mechanic.  Fury of Sicarius and Sicarius Chosen are great answers to elites.  Ragnar's ability and crushing blow wreck the few Tau units in the deck.


In my deck I run 3x Vior'la Marksmen for the ranged and between them and the sig squad they make great gun drones platforms.

Jun 01 2016 04:51 PM

For DDS I have found the best units to have them on are Wildrider Squadron and Soaring Falcon.  I know some people put them on Trailblazers but that only works if your opponent is bringing in a large train from HQ, which is massively telegraphed.  If not their 1 hp just makes them a big priority target.  Wildrider Squad can wait and arrive after exhausts happen to trigger, and Falcon has enough HP to take 2-3 hits before needing to trigger.

Has anyone tried that with Shadowsun? Why would Aun'shi be the better WL? All sig cards from Shadowsun seem support the whole idea a bit better I think.

That's just a quick click together:


Total Cards: (50)

1x Commander Shadowsun (Core Set)

Army Unit: (30)
4x Shadowsun’s Stealth Cadre (Core Set)
3x Earth Caste Technician (Core Set)
3x Gun Drones (Core Set)
2x Mighty Wraithknight (The Threat Beyond)
3x Recon Drone (Core Set)
3x Wildrider Squadron (Core Set)
3x Vior’la Marksman (Core Set)
3x Vash’ya Trailblazer (Core Set)
3x Wildrider Vyper (What Lurks Below)
3x Soaring Falcon (Core Set)

Attachment: (7)
1x Command-link Drone (Core Set)
3x Drone Defense System  (What Lurks Below)
3x Starcannon (The Howl of Blackmane)

Event: (7)
2x Squadron Redeployment (Core Set)
3x Deception (Core Set)
1x Even the Odds (Core Set)
1x For the Tau’va (Descendants of Isha)

Support: (6)
1x Communications Relay (Core Set)
3x Bonesinger Choir (What Lurks Below)
2x Sae’lum Enclave (Deadly Salvage)

Jun 05 2016 06:08 PM

I wrote an extensive response to your question which the site crushed instead of posting and I'm not rewriting that behemoth so I'll boil it down.


I think it can be done well with either, but I think it is better with Aun'shi.


Eldar vehicles take Shadowsun who is a good planet bully and maybe make her a better planet bully.


They take Aun'shi who is a good warlord assassin and make him a good warlord assassin and a planet bully.


The signature squads are a bit of a draw imo, both being reasonably good.  Aun'shi just has warlord pressuring cards that Shadowsun can't get access to, Orbital City and Kauyon Strike.  All the other Tau/Eldar tricks are equally accessible to both warlords, with only For the Tau'va and Even the Odds being slightly more efficient out of Shadowsun.


All just my opinion though.

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I find your version to be a fine mix. I can't think of anything negative because I haven't tried it. Let me explain why I chose Aun'shi:


When I built the deck, I started with the main supports and the staple units before I chose a Warlord. I pretty much had the deck mostly designed and then I realized that I should pick a warlord before going any further.


Because of Enclave, I knew I had to put in a Tau warlord. Starblaze was obviously out so I was down to Shadowsun and Aun'Shi.


I realized that most of my units were mobile, or mobile-like. Aun'shi, with Kauyon Strike and the Orbital City, seemed like he would fit the theme. Remember: I built this deck thinking it was too much theme and not very effective. But I had never made a mobile deck before so I stuck with it.


Shadowsun was tempting to turn my weak units into decent units with the Stealth Cadre and my cappers like eldar survivalist, recon drone, trailblazer, and the kinsman. However, to make the warlord super effective, I would probably have to put in a few more attachments. I wasn't in the mood to figure out what to squeeze in and what to throw out.


And this may be lame, but I thought that because the Ethereal Envoy only costs 1, it would make room for the resources of my elite units.


And that is pretty much what I was thinking.

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Update: -2 Drone Defense System  +2 Starcannons

              -3 Recon Drones   +3 Exploratory Drones


I'm still thinking about taking out the Trading Post but I haven't decided what to put in its place.


I took out the Recon Drones (don't hurt me!) because there were too many Limited cards in the deck and the exploratory drones fit the theme better anyway.


The addition of the Starcannons were a huge plus. I still can't justify 3 in the deck however because I'm not sure I've ever needed armorbane more than once a game anyway. With all of the defenders that force you to attack move damage cards, it's pretty much unnecessary to put in that much armorbane. And I totally get it if there are some of you laughing at that last sentence when I'm using an Aun'shi deck.


Anyone have a suggestion on what to replace the Trading Post with?


Also, does anyone think I should replace some cards with the new Eldar vehicle from the Necrons pack?

Jun 06 2016 08:29 PM

For cost reducers I use 2x Bonesinger 1x Enclave and 1x STC Fragment.  I never feel starved for resources or clogged on cost reducer cards I no longer need.  With just 4 cost reducers I have room for 3x Recon Drone which are just so good I can't give them up.  I originally ran with Starcannons but also found they were unnecessary.


I run 2x Nightshade Interceptor and find they are very strong.  In my deck in particular they are a dream because I want 6x AE options in my deck and they are a built in platform that is hard to kill.