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Millstone Conquest


Possessed is better than Uber G

You have 55 cards try to go down to 50 would be a good idea

How about mixing with Eldar? Biel tan Spiders, rangers and warlock destructors could help a lot

The upcoming Shuriken Catapult can be nice in this deck since you have a lot of  warriors

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If you ignore command how do you plan on stopping his card draw? And hereby win condition? You won't be able to discard this deck by the time he's won the game.
He can be switched to her.
Discard his deck is what it should say :-)
Apr 11 2016 01:51 PM

I appreciate that you are trying a different build.  The issue is this deck plays against one of Urien's strengths, which is deployment delay which helps lock down command choke.  I can see that you want to card lock your opponent, but I found that way easier to achieve by choking card draw with command units and using just Razorwings and Visions to hate on their hands.  You have no allies.  I've definitely found that Warp Spiders are way better than Fearmongers.  While Fearmongers go along with your theme of hand hate I'd rather they just not draw their clutch cards at all.  Also if you go Eldar as allies Destructors are way better than some of your unit choices.


Uber Grots don't work as well as I'd like.  As mentioned Possessed are way more consistent if you want Chaos allies.  Also just Soul Seizure with the discard from Crucible should give you plenty of opportunities to pull in your enemies combat units.  I think SS is a better include than Despise, which is a much more situational card.  Better yet Klaivex.  No Klaivex is an extremely interesting choice since most of the time that's all I need to win a planet.  Klaivex and Urien with shields can usually face all the units that make it passed the mill.  Adding that card alone will make this deck way more consistent.


This deck wants to race the opponent.  You are hoping they deck out before they can secure enough planet wins.  That means you are trying to extend the game as long as possible.  A long game supports someone with strong command.  If you let them win command yeah they are burning through their deck, but they are drawing passed your ability to filter their draws, which makes crucible less effective.  That means good combat cards will get through and they will likely have the money to pay for them.  While that's happening you are not winning command.  Only denying enemy command so I fear this deck will lose steam in many matches that go too long.  Weak command decks that win are usually first planet bully decks.  They work out because they can chain off their starting setup and hopefully win before they run out of steam.  That said just adding things like Kaivex, Destructors and Warp Spiders will help you greatly win the planets when it counts.  I just can't see the game going long with only Syren and Urien really winning command. To be fair I haven't tried it.

Apr 15 2016 06:34 PM

Interesting Idea. I am surprised since you called it mill and you did''t it Slake the Thirst in, it costs one but you can really hit them hard if you play Roth after!  Also i agree if you are going to full on hard core hand destruction why not try things like Del Tan Warpspiders, Prophetic Farseer, Subdual (if you meta has strong supports you can subdual and trash a copy of a sig support with Cubicle even though Subdal will cost 3). With a few tweaks this deck could allow someone to win a bunch of command then put then in such a position that they have none of the good cards they started the turn with. In interesting situation in a game that requires strategic planning on hand management.

after a few more games of playtesting, I decided to drop some of the discard in favor of adding a few more units. I found that I could normally start strong with the card denial, but often stalled in the mid-late game which allowed my opponent to catch back up and then curb-stomp me. hopefully this more blended style with work better.


with so many events, Klaivex is just to costly to play during combat, and I typically don't have the resources/resource denial to play/keep the mercenary.


oh, and as to why I'm not running any of the suggested chaos/eldar cards: I want to keep it DE only if possible, just because no one else seems to be running mono-race at the moment and I hate being a copy-cat.