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Mobile Command


Frankly, this deck is all over the place, and not as command strong as you might believe it is.


37 command icons is decent, but practically speaking, the cards which are going to win you command struggles in this deck are:


Biel tan Guardians



Vash'ya Trailblazer


None of these are run at 3x. What you need to be looking at is the ratio of command to cost, and the command plays are the ones that run at 1 cost : 1 command icon or better. The 2 command : 3 cost cards supplement this a little, but aren't as decisive.


Also, consider your deploy turns: the more deploy turns you generate each deploy phase, the more efficiently placed your multi-command icon units can be. Classic example here is Promotion: if you pass before your opponent, then your Promotion has to be placed blind, not knowing if your opponent will play equal or better command icons after you. If you play Promotion after your opponent has passed, then thats a command struggle locked.


To look at how your Deploy Turns work out you can do two things:

First, look at your cost curve. Any deck that wants to win on deploy turns needs more 1 costs than 2 costs, and more 2 costs than 3+ costs.

Second, pull some sample hands, and count how many deploy turns you're generating. If its less than 5 on average, expect to be deploy passing first.


So, how to fix this?


First off, pick your units efficiently. Go from 28 to 32 units total, and start off with the command efficient cards. That means Biel Tan Guardians x3 and Vash'ya Trailblazer for sure, and then consider all the 1:1 cost:command cards and whether you want them at x3 as well. Vior'la Marksman, Earth Caste Techician, Rogue Trader and Void Pirate are all strong command picks too. Don't fill up all the slots this way too: a classic Baharroth trap is to get a load of cards and resources, then not have means to close the game. 3 Warlock Destructors should be considered de rigeur, and likely 3 Iyanden Wraithguard too.

There's fine detail after that, but don't expect Piranha Hunters and Vectored Vyper Squad to make the cut.


Next, look at your other card slots. 3x Promotion is a solid inclusion if you want to get the command lock down. 3x Gift of Isha, 3x Nullify is pretty standard and you can't go too wrong there.


Where you take the deck shape from there is up to you. My own preference is for 3 Ion Rifles to add hitting power, and for 2 Dooms and 2 Foretells to reflect the longer game plan of Baharroth compared to other Warlords, and the way that Mobile threatens first planet and forces overcommitment from opponents to Planet 1. 


Others go for the Power Sword / Wraithknight / Isha combo, which is indeed quite solid, though to me not worth the efficiency loss of including Banshee Power Sword.


A Baha deck that is built to be command dominant can easily do so, but you should expect about 40 command icons all in all once you include promotions, and a high proportion of cards that give 1:1 cost:command ratio or better.


Survivalist and Superiority can have a role to play, though without going into much detail here, my belief is you either run 3 of both, or 0 of both.

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First off, thank you for the very detailed reply.  Great to hear such a detailed perspective on the deck with suggestions, so thank you.


I do agree that the deck is all over the place right now and does need cleaning up.  Biel Tan Guardians definitely should be x3 and the Trailblazers x3.  As for the Warlock Destructors, I actually have updated the deck and added them in already, I was on the fence with them originally.


I do have a question about the Nullify, I see that in a lot of decks and just wondering how useful it really is.  Specifically with this deck where only the warlord is unique to be able to trigger it.


Appreciate all your comments,


A very good reason to include additional unique Eldar units, though right now Erathal is the only one we have. We've got one en route on the next cycle, though we don't know much about it yet. Consider replacing the Altansar Rangers with Erathal, for the same cost command ratio, and an additional nullify option.


Nullify is a very useful card, and better when you are against better opponents. Most tourney level decks have key plays that are events: Indomitable, Archon's Terror, Gift of Isha, Preemptive Barrage and so on. When those plays are made, its usually in a situation that turns a lost battle into a won battle for an opponent, and nullifying turns that around.


There are timing tricks, of course, which can get around nullify. If you don;t have a non-Warlord unique Eldar unit out, they can wait till Baha has attacked and then play the event, but at the very least you'll have delayed that play for a little while.


I've experimented myself with dropping Nullifies down to 1 or 2, but always regretted it.


On a separate point, you may be misreading Vectored Vyper Squad. Unfortunately it doesn't work with Death From Above (as per the FAQ clarifications), and this makes it pretty much a dead card right now, worse in every way than Wild Rider Squadron.

Thanks for the clarifications, I have updated the deck a little and should be a little more focused now.  


Will look into the Erathal units, see if there is something better to put in for the unique cost.  


As for the Vectored Vyper Squad, I looked into them but ya after looking through the FAQ they are not very useful if I can't deploy them with Death From Above.


Hopefully something else comes in the next cycle.

Thanks again.