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Mobility Matters

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In case you weren't aware, Vectored Viper Squads can't be dropped in via Death From Above since they aren't mobile whilst they are in your hand (they can only be "undamaged" whilst in play). Given you're 1 card over with 51 and have (in my opinion) a few too many units (I personally aim for 25-30), I would recommend the following:

- 3 Vectored Viper Squad

+2 Empower

+1 Ion Rifle

+1 Nullify

Personally, I'd add more focus to the deck by increasing some of the 2x to 3x at cost of the 1x. While Baharroth/tau's strong command game does give him the option of running 1-2x cards and still having a chance of drawing them, I believe that approach is best suited to cards that its nice to get one of, but which there's diminishing benefit of more than one of during a game: for example, Doom, Foretell, Wraithknight, Corsair Trading Port.


Cards which you can't have enough of: Nullify, Ion Rifle, Wraithguard, Vior'la Marksman, they can all increase in frequency.


As Kaloo says, I'd also ditch the Vectored Vyper Squad.


Anyway, this is currently where I'm at:


Deck Created with CardGameDB.com  Warhammer 40,000: Conquest Deckbuilder
Total Cards: (50)
1x Baharroth (Descendants of Isha) 
Army Unit: (32)
4x Baharroth’s Hawks (Descendants of Isha)
3x Biel-Tan Guardians (Core Set)
3x Earth Caste Technician (Core Set)
3x Iyanden Wraithguard (Core Set)
3x Rogue Trader (Core Set)
3x Vash’ya Trailblazer (Core Set)
3x Vior’la Marksman (Core Set)
3x Void Pirate (Core Set)
3x Warlock Destructor (Gift of the Ethereals)
3x Wildrider Squadron (Core Set)
1x Mighty Wraithknight (The Threat Beyond)
A lot of low cost units compensates for the natural inefficiency of my signature units. I mess around with Eldritch Corsairs on an on-off basis, sometimes adding 3 of them at cost of -2 Rogue Trader, -1 Wraithknight.
Attachment: (4)
1x The Shining Blade (Descendants of Isha)
3x Ion Rifle (Core Set)
A notable lack of promotions here, as the command total of this deck is the same as most Kith decks WITH their promotions, and the real struggle for Baha is early game bite.
Event: (13)
2x Cry of the Wind (Descendants of Isha)
3x Nullify (Core Set)
3x Gift of Isha (Core Set)
1x Foretell (Gift of the Ethereals)
1x Doom (Core Set)
1x Tense Negotiations (Zogwort's Curse)
1x Empower (The Howl of Blackmane)
1x Even the Odds (Core Set)
This is the toolboxy bit, with one each of five situational events, then 3 each of the strongest ones. Note no DFA, which I find you have to build around too hard. Once there's more mobile quality, I'll take it on.
Support: (1)
1x Banner of the Ashen Sky (Descendants of Isha)


I sometimes play 1x Craftworld Gate in place of Even the Odds, which combos with Isha and protects my neutral cappers from sniping. Its a 50-50 thing.

The Wraithguard and Wraithknight were added because I know my opponent well (he prefers cheap swarmy decks and I can trigger the free giant units by winning Y'varn without reprocusion). He's learned from that mistake and I can start to better focus the deck now.


I like the corsairs and they worked out in practice. When I moved my warlord around, I always seemed to stand to benefit. I think I would prefer them over the ECT (dropping an ion rifle on one will make my opponent target it so I can use it as bait). I do think I can drop the Viper Squad, but I like having the ranged units to offer the added threat of an early snipe (Stinging Swarm). Not sure I care for the Soaring Falcon though, it never seemed to present itself as a threat.


I'll work out another revision later. The mobility options definitely meant that I focused on hunting his WL and my opponent knew that was the goal. The ranged Tau units made my opponents run elsewhere when I had initiative which was also the goal. Only 1 game with this so far so I will keep refining it as it was a fun deck.