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Nordic Championship 3rd place


This is not exactly an optimal build. The most controversial part is the three Rogue Traders I think. Are they worth it?


Probably not. This setup might do fine against Ku'gath mirror match or elite-heavy decks, but face a swarmy low-cost bully like certain types of Broderick and you will likely have a hard time staying afloat.

I play three Void Pirates for things like Power from Pain and Consumption Protection.


Could be a Meta thing.

Sep 29 2016 02:40 AM

Well, if you anticipate the PfP or Consumption, SPA and disciple should be good enough fodder. A lot of consistency is lost though, 1x STC missing, Sathariel only at 1x and corrupted tele.

Oct 01 2016 10:21 PM

I lost against this deck playing as Kugath myself. Was a very interesting game that Johannes would have surely won if we just had one more minute ;) I have to say though, the rogue traders were definitely what won him the game, so in a mirror match they paid off. I still prefer my own deck though (pretty standard modern, elite only Ku'gath), because the traders will be useless in a match against a more standard command deck. If you're going Elite heavy, you might as well skip the command game completely.