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North American Champs T4


Aug 08 2016 04:50 AM
Looks much more streamlined and consistent than your other versions I've played. I hate it.

Congrats.  Looks nasty!  How did 1000 cuts perform?  Did you use it mostly for shields?  Curious why you did not use Gut and Pillage.

I recently ditched the sufferings in my deck for thousand cuts and I must admit it really fills the void perfectly. Can be used as a shield if needed, a nice set up to lead into the Klaviex, or finish off that unit thats sat on 1 hp and to top it off, its reusable as it gets shuffled back into the deck after being used as an event.

Thousand Cuts ended up being shields most of the time but it just fit the deck better than the other two shield options and has more utility.


My opinion on Gut & Pillage is that it is too conditional, what you need for G&P to :

1:Red planets

2:G&P in your hand

3:Being able to win a battle at the red planet

4:Committing to the red planet if its not the first planet


You can get those 3 resources easily by improving your command +commit game.