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Old Stink Eye


Edit: Post put in deck comments.

Hate to burst your bubble, but Regeneration can only be deployed on army units. That means your synapse creature and warlord are **** outta luck. Beyond that I agree with most of what you say. Regeneration is awesome. I still like having a fistful of double shields and Fall Back to keep your synapse in the game, to run a GenCon Ork style build. Other than that, I gravitate more towards the Haruspex instead of the Harpy, just because it doesn't require any sort of combo (infestation) to do its work, and it creates resource advantage.

Regeneration can only attach to an army unit, which OOE is not. Army units will say "Army" in the upper left - OOE says "Warlord."


I like the overall look of the list. I feel like some amount of Fall Back!s would be wise with SWP, whereas you might not need them as much with a more passive synapse like Lictor. Not sure what I'd cut since the list looks fairly tight. 

Ah yes, nice grab there. Thankfully it hasn't really come up for me to have played the mistake, as Hormagaunts and Pyrovore have always taken it. Edited those references out.


Concerning Haruspex over Harpy: Every deck needs a good late game unit as a finisher, and Harpy is unambiguously that. I have found that when that last big battle comes I have either infested the planet already, or can with Scything Hormagaunts or Spore Snacks. Haruspex is more consistent, but it is a mid-game bully, for me, setting you up for late game. This is actually a really great function, as this deck suffers mid game if if gets resource choked. But then I'm stuck between gambling on a 5R unit that might not kill anything, or more 2R units that will set me up in other ways. I doubt that there will be a huge amount of time when Haruspex with get more than 3R back. Don't get me wrong, I'd love to put it in, but just can't find the space.


As for Fall Back, the only thing I'd take out of here is the Digestion Pool, to add one copy. But then it's really not that reliable in coming up. I think in a deck like this you have to make a choice between straight out offence and hedged offence, and the main choice there comes down between No Mercy and Fall Back. You get one or the other.

I'd say dropping 1 No Mercy and the Digestion Pool for 2 Fall Back would be a balanced option, since both cards are somewhat situational. But not really a requirement, more just a difference in philosophical opinion. With my preference for the haruspex (which you consider a mid-game rather than late game unit), Fall Back is more beneficial. If you hold your elites back until the crucial battle then you get less potential mileage from Fall Back.

It sounds like sensible and effective advice. I'll have to try it out, but for now you've talked me around.

I love the name of the deck, heck, that would make me wanna play it alone. :P 

Yeah, Stink Eye and Virulent Spore SNACKS are both pretty catchy.
Do you like noxious fleshborer for combat units and synaptic link for card draw?
What about noxious Fleshborer for infest and synaptic link for card draw?
What about noxious Fleshborer for infest and synaptic link for card draw?

Updated the deck slightly based on conventional wisdom that Warrior Prime are a bit pants, and Haruspex is the way to go. Hence a Digestion Pool to smooth out the curve. I'll report back soon to see how it goes.


So ovearll:

-3 Tyranid Warriors

+2 Ravenous Haruspex

+1 Digestion Pool

Funny I just received my Tyr Deluxe Expansion and I realized the same deck. Didn't have a chance to test it yet.

But you are telling me that I'm in the right direction. Thanks !


Just an idea, I have one change in mine:

+3 Tyranid Warriors

-3 Termagaunt Sentry


Termagaunt Sentry are not as useful in OOE deck that it is in Swarmlord one's and I want to incoporate only useful cards in my decks.


Tyranid Warriors up your cost curve a bit you're right but you have several options to gain more ressource with them (with command battle for example) and as SWP can trigger a battle ability each turn you could compensate the ressource curve too with the right planet.


What do you think of this change ?

Sentry is a 1 for 1. It'd be mad to take it out.


Re: Fall Back, I'm of the opinion that any deck that uses five elites plus SWP probably ought to be running 3 Fall Backs. While No Mercy is preferrable in most Tyranid builds, SWP is always getting into fights by design.

Asklepios is right regarding Sentry. As crappy as it is that its ability is dead in this deck, it's the only 1 for 1 available.


As for Fall Back, I am entirely of your thinking. I want to get an extra Fall Back in, particularly with the latest change, but I'll be blowed if I know where to get it in. Spore Burst is where my thinking always goes, as I rarely use the ability, but the two shields is too good. I'm almost tempted to say Promotion, but again it's too useful for winning command. Ah well, that's just a sign of the quality cards that Nids have at the moment, that every choice is a difficult one.

We also forget that Shoota Mob and SM Scout get run as abilitiless 2/1s with 1 hammer for 1. Arguably 2 at is scarier than 1, but equally a 1/2 doesn't need shielding from all the ping damage out there. So swings and roundabouts, but I'd say given the pool and other factors Sentry is probably more valuable to Tryanids (at present) than those units are to their respective factions.


Fall Back is tricky, because it's really good to have your unit alive for next turn (and onwards), but it's 1R/1C that has no impact on the current battle. I agree that with SWP it's very useful for keeping him alive (though he could still die turn 1 with all 3 copies in your deck somewhere). The thing is sometimes 2 shields will save your unit, and let it win the battle, even if it then dies. So I don't think it's quite that clear cut. Spore Burst is the competing slot imho though, after that it's a matter of personal preference I think. Personally I'd put in a 3rd No Mercy before a 3rd Fall Back though. No Mercy has the added benefit of healing Old One Eye when he's in a situation where he wouldn't otherwise be exhausting this round.

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Nov 08 2015 02:09 AM

Well, I played this deck against some friends a few of times today, and I won some and lost some (played against a Baharroth hunt deck, an Aun'Shi hunt deck, and a Zarathur and I got maybe 50/50, but I lost track of how many games I played).


I liked the SWP a lot. Most people say that because it's got no command it's the least useful, but it suits my play style just fine, as I tend to play aggresively. It's also great for sniping, and the ability to trigger two battle conditions per round should not be overlooked.


Because infestation is not a central mechanic to this deck, the opponent tends to forget it's there, except when it comes to resource generation (Toxic Venomthrope), so they tend to go for those and forget about the infestation (YMMV), which allows you to give them a nice surprise with Spore Burst (not so limited usefulness, because infestation is deceivingly easy to get with this deck, and nice 2 shields) and especially with the Hunter Gargoyles (just dump these in a planet away from danger and they'll useful as a reserve, a bit like attack helicopters - I snatched victory from the jaws of defeat today with this one. Because they have no command, they won't be contesting the opponent's command and most of the time that's enough to keep them safe).


Virulent Spore Sacs - even more useful than they seemed at first sight. People tend to look first at the damage rather than at the infestation, which is a good thing for the aforementioned reason and they can be recycled the next turn with Spore Burst. Nice for wiping planets you are looking forward to take in later turns.


On the other hand, the Haruspex looks nice but I didn't find it particularly useful - the ability is nice, but it doesn't pack a particularly big punch (again, YMMV).