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OOE Elite w/ Polluter


I would drop either one Invasion site, or Loamy Broodhive to get a 3rd STC Fragment.


As well as drop two more cards to really get your deck down to 50 Cards for consistancy, you really want to see a STC Fragment asap.

Oct 25 2016 10:31 PM

Consumption is sacrifice rather than destroy, so you can't trigger Invasion Site for it.

Oct 26 2016 08:30 AM

Thanks for the warning.

I feel a 3rd STC fragment is dangerous since it increases the chance of dead cards, whereas loamy broodhive has always turned out well for me.

15 elites (plus Synapse) is a bold statement, I like it. Makes Sudden Adaptation worthwhile too.

Looks like a deck that could quickly snowball into something very powerful, with all that 'elite refund' tech. But I'd worry about your chances of reaching that point in the first place due to the tight concentration of command icons plus the initial high-cost outlay required to get a couple of elites onto the board to get the ball rolling (remember that Chaos and their allies have access to up-front elite discounters rather than 'refunders').

With that in mind I agree that a 3rd STC would help ensure you draw one early game.

I do love Polluter, and it's always been my Synapse of choice with OOE. But I'm not sure how it benefits from Burst Forth? The combo will only work at first planet (assuming you can trigger the Commit ability twice at the same planet?), unless you play it at planet 2 or 3 and hope the enemy Warlord goes there - in which case they have initiative anyway.

I could well be missing something with Burst Forth, but I'd be inclined to swap them out for an extra STC and a couple of Fall Backs.
Oct 27 2016 01:30 PM

The Idea mgiht be that you could place the Burst forth where the enemy commander might commit for a future battle, allowing you to bring in an Elite to snipe some units/help win the battle. Althouhg tbf if you sent you warlord to first with some other units you might as well commit him.

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