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OOE + Infestation

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It's great to see so many OOE builds, and certainly Zoanthrope is a great synapse unit where there's lots of infestation (and is my second favourite Synapse regardless). A mini-Ragnar going off practically every turn is nothing to sneer out. And I've found the Gargoyles quite sub-optimal in many Nid decks, as I can't seem to get reliable infestation early, when these guys are strongest. They then end up being a 0 command on some far off planet, not budging for a long while.


I do have two questions though:

1) Do you find that you are getting enough infestations from the standard 9 unit sources for Predation to go off at all reliably?

2) How are you finding closing off the game with this deck? You don't have any big elites, but if infestation is a possibility then it seems reasonable to have 2x Harpy at least. I wonder if it's worth losing 1x HVC and 1x Tyranid Warrior to get them in.

Gargoyles aren't the strongest cards in the deck, but they aren't terrible. There aren't a lot of cheap, strong 'Nid cards, so it's hard to find a replacement.


1) You're unlikely to get infestation off on turn one (not really an ideal hand anyway) but it usually comes up after a turn or two. Predation becomes important then as it allows you to keep it on the table and manipulate it. One clever trick I've seen come up is to infest a neighbouring planet during a losing battle and then shift the infestation back on the next turn using two Predations.


2) Keep the game smaller by suppressing opposing command and pressuring combat with Lurking Hormagaunts. I'm not a fan of big units that don't rhyme with Kneeful Slagfeast since they're so vulnerable to targeted effects. I have considered playing them (Shrieking Harpy and Ymgarl Genestealer), though I'd probably swap Zoanthrope for Venomthrope Polluter as you really don't want a big unit tying down Old One Eye while he's sniping command.

I'm missing some of the hard hitters like Genestealer and Harpy

-1 Blazing Zoanthrope

-3 Hunter Gargoyles

+1 Venomthrope Polluter

+2 Harpy/Genestealer

+1 Dark Cunning


If you want to go that route. You're far more vulnerable to Terror, Klaivex and Eldorath though. Dark Cunning helps a little against Eldorath.


Note that if Kith has the initiative and 4 resources, you cannot allow a single point of damage to land on a Harpy, even if you have Regeneration. Due to how timing works, they can Klaivex you before you get the window to heal.

Tyranids clearly needs more cards. Termagent Sentry and Heavy Venom Cannon don´t fit here at all. Tyranid Warrior and Volatile Pyrovore are good for their stats, but don´t do much infestation. All other events are ok, but don´t feel as strong as other factions. Include the Harpy, it gets you a win from time to time.


I´m not saying there should be a perfect right out of the box, but I don´t expect many Tyranid decks at the top cut at worlds.

With that cardpool this deck is great! We all know that tyranids want more cards and pyrovore can win games if you know how to play

It's interesting, if you count the unique cards in each factions specific pool, Tyranids don't really have any fewer unique cards compared to any other faction. It's clearly the lack of ally or neutral units that sets them apart and I would assume that the relative size of their faction is unlikely to change compared to others, so they will always feel lacking.


Termagant Sentry is a cost effective hammer. It's probably the weakest playable one-cost hammer in the game, but it'll still likely have a place in all Tyranid decks for a long time while the game favours cheap command. Similarly HVC gives you shields and with a lack of combat tricks, two shields is about the best you can hope for.


Harpies are incredibly fragile, and I've found that they can very easily hurt your game more than help it when played (particularly against Kith). It only takes one copy of Suffering to severely weaken them (and there are plenty of other painful cards). Lurking Hormagaunt is the major workhorse in the deck (Suffering on a Hormagaunt is also quite painful). I have won a GNK with the above deck, so wins are certainly possible without elites.


But yes, there is a very large gap in quality hands when playing this deck. Opening hands involving a playable mix of Lurking Hormagaunt, Toxic Venomthrope, Promotion, Ripper Swarm, Termagant Sentry or Tyranid Warrior are much better than those with a mix of the other units.

Oh wow! Maleceptor is so strong it prevents the list from publishing.  :P

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I can only guess at your decklist obviously, but I'm sure it's good.. I'm assuming the planets you'll mainly be hoping to see are Y'Varn, Plannum, Iridial and maybe Atrox? Have you had a chance to test Keening Malceptor much yet?

So good it needs to be censored.


I've played a few games with Maleceptor, and even with the standard 12 Infestation cards you can get a lot of work out of it (though you're usually not able to do anything on turn 1). The best trigger early in the game is always Tarrus. Ferrin and Plannum do very well too and Atrox can smash later in the game. Iridial is also surprisingly useful thanks to Lurkers and Ferocious Strength. Y'Varn doesn't work out so well against a number of opponents as 'Nid Elites are simply outclassed by opposing Elites, and perform a lot worse without Polluter to support them.

I completely forgot about Ferrin, that would be good too. Fair point re Y'varn: The 'Nids elites do kind of pale in comparison to Chaos and Necron elites, and I wouldn't even feel confident triggering Y'Varn against Orks or Eldar what with Gorzod and Bonesinger Choirs. In my experience of OOE I very rarely get to benefit from Tarrus but that may be more my play-style, but I can see how it would be good for fuelling your events if you can pull it off. I think your idea about Irridial is my favourite though - synergises perfectly with OOE. I guess there are enough useful planets to make this perfectly viable then. Hope we get to see your decklist eventually!

You have to gear yourself a little to exploit Tarrus, but it's not too hard since the unit maths is a little more difficult for your opponent when you can trigger at Action speed or do so unexpectedly off a Predation. It's probably not going to happen against the STC decks running around, but it's a persistent threat against anyone playing a standard command game.

I really wish I could see the deck list. I would probably try it out at a local tourney this week.
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I really wish I could see the deck list. I would probably try it out at a local tourney this week.


Me too :(

The mysterious deck awaits!

Oh man. You wouldn't believe what this deck can do. I've managed to win two regional championships without attending, cure the common cold and moved the doomsday clock a full 10 minutes back in time.

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Oh man. You wouldn't believe what this deck can do. I've managed to win two regional championships without attending, cure the common cold and moved the doomsday clock a full 10 minutes back in time.

If your deck can also undo the results of last night's Brexit vote then I'm sold on it