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Phat-Man Eggroll

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Nice deck.


There's a lot of high cost cards here that make me think that Ammo Depot may not be very consistent for you. My instincts say that replacing these 1:1 with a 1-cost command capper will be of more benefit to your economy,

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Hey Asklepios,


It was a thought to remove the high cost units for capping potential with Ku'gath, I found in matches such as Space Marines/Tau and  Anshee, I typically was losing in regards to command.  I went with more aggresive approach because it has got me more resource yield from planets and usually wins me key fights in the all my matches, Basically do the Ragnar approach, Chaos style.  Warning:  Do not do this against Ragnar unless you know you got that fight and Fetid haze is in your hand.  Regarding Ammo Depot, I will admit I find it to be a mixed blessing.  I usually find it nifty, not a necessary card in this deck, I will admit that it usually saves me in games which is why I keep it and it usually get squid bombed, so less money and shields for them to use.  Thank you for the feedback you are awesome!

As Asklepios says its gonna be a hit and miss that ammo depot of yours due to the high cost. You might wanna cut down some cards cause 54 cards is a lil too high for a deck. You wont be able to maximize your draw quality

Very much not suggesting you want to reduce the Elite heaviness, as thats clearly the overall deck shape. By swapping Depots for Pirates, however, you boost your command presence and aren't dependent on circumstance so much for the draw.


Though as Slick says, consistency is also better with 50 rather than 54 cards, so you could just drop them outright. Only risk of that is that the cost curve moves even more to the right by doing that.


If you can stomach it, I'd say replace the Depots with Pirates, drop the Soul Grinders and Possessed, and switch 1 Plaguebeast for an Evil Sunz Warbiker.

Hey again guys,


Sorry I've doing some testing recently with my rough draft changes so sorry for the late response.  I will bulleted out stuff so it isn't a big run on paragraph. :D

  • First off, I have fallen in love with the void pirates they are AMAZING, so good bye ammo depot.  Thank you guys on that! 
  • I have dropped a plaguebeast for an empty slot but I do like the idea of an additional warbiker for a cheap bruiser.
  • As for Possessed and soulgrinder, I want to give them more of a chance to see them in action, I know you are right they aren't worth it, But I want to believe in the phat man daemons.
  • As for the 54 card deck, Yeah it does really cause me trouble sometimes so trimming it down a bit is likely in the future after I test out Soul Grinder and Possessed a bit more.  

5/27/15 Changelog:

-3 Ammo Depots
-1 Gleeful Plaguebeast
-2 Possessed

-3 Ork Kannon

+3 Void Pirates
+1 Soul Grinder
+1 Evil Suns Warbiker