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Shrieking Weenie !


Great minds think alike!


I also built an Eldorath Shrieker + Weenies deck, but ended up going DE.

I tried it with Tau, but realised that if I was picking Shrieky-girl, I wasn't picking vehicles, and if I wasn't picking vehicles I wasn't using Drone Defence System or Missile Pod, and if I wasn't doing that, then I'd rather have DE allies thanks!


I also let the discounters go, as Eldorath doesn't need them if he's running just 3 elites.


Here's my build:


Shrieky shrieky command elf
Total Cards: (50)
1x Eldorath Starbane (Core Set) 
Army Unit: (28)
4x Starbane’s Council (Core Set)
3x Biel-Tan Guardians (Core Set)
3x Eldar Survivalist (Core Set)
3x Saim-Hann Kinsman (Wrath of the Crusaders)
3x Shrieking Exarch (Searching for Truth)
3x Sslyth Mercenary (Gift of the Ethereals)
3x Void Pirate (Core Set)
3x Warlock Destructor (Gift of the Ethereals)
3x Wraithguard Revenant (Decree of Ruin)
Pleased with the Revenant / Exarch combo - this is a card that doesn't care if its in the discard pile.
Beyond that, you'll note a shedload of command (40 icons altogether, with a fantastic average ratio of command icons to cost of 0.81 on command bearing cards, with six 2-for-1s and 6 1-for-1s giving a strong base.)
Attachment: (6)
1x Mobility (Core Set)
3x Promotion (Core Set)
2x Saim-Hann Jetbike (Deadly Salvage)
Basically my fighters are sig unit, exarch and destructor. The former two are very friendly to Jetbike.
Event: (14)
2x Foresight (Core Set)
3x Archon’s Terror (Core Set)
3x Gift of Isha (Core Set)
2x Mind War (Boundless Hate)
2x Nullify (Core Set)
2x Superiority (Core Set)
A broad mix of events, like yourself, but with Terror to answer the Elite meta, plus more soft control and eldar stule denial. Superiority isn't a card I normally run, but it fits well with a deck that has so many cheap cappers with card/resource bonuses
Support: (2)
1x Alaitoc Shrine (Core Set)
1x Webway Passage (Slash and Burn)
Its not a huge part of the deck, but is frequently useful, the Passage. The coolest thing here is setting up Jetbike plays, though keeping the fighters back at planet 1 is always good.
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When I get a chance, I'm going to look up Archon's Terror and Wraithguard Revenant - I'm nowhere near having these cards memorized yet - so I can wrap my head around the implications of what they'd add to this kind of build.

My main question with my deck is: how do I convince my opponent to attack the weenies that my exarch is escorting as opposed to the exarch his/herself? (No idea on the gender here)  I thought about splashing the exarch into a Tau deck because then I'd have access to 2 copies of Gun Drones, which is I believe the unit/attachment that I could put on an otherwise unremarkable unit to give it area effect2.